Vowing to make personal changes for any given new year is nothing new. But 2020 New Years resolutions for your home might be!

Oh yeah, baby! Zerorez® Tucson is here again at the end of an old year, to give you our best advice on starting a new year, and this time, it’s all about your home, woot woot!

It makes sense to take care of your home’s major features and appliances because, as we all know, homes are a significant investment. This is the place where life happens! We want to feel safe and happy here at all times.

Therefore, it’s much more time and cost effective to stay on top of the major systems that contribute to a well-maintained home, isn’t it? Rather than postponing them and catching up later, that is, especially when it comes to house cleaning.

Let’s finally make it our new year’s resolution to take care of all of the household chores and tasks that we’ve been meaning to get to all year long, now, in 2020.

Let’s dive right into Zerorez® Tucson‘s 2020 New Years Resolutions For Your Home:

The Clothes Dryer

Let’s start simple, and grow to the more intricate chores, as we dive into our Zerorez® Tucson’s 2020 New Years Resolutions For Your Home!

Therefore, at the top of your new years resolution chores lost, is taking care of the clothes dryer.

Make it a habit to remove the lint from the dryer’s lint screen with each use. When it’s packed with lint, the air blowing through the dryer slows and each cycle takes longer, increasing your energy bills.

*cue horror movie music* Dun dun dunnnnnn!

Before we know it, our power bill has shot way up, and we simply can’t understand why. Who else has dealt with this in 2019?

Yeah, it’s time to say goodbye to that unnecessary crap!

In addition, once a year we should remove the vent hose from the back of the dryer and clean it as thoroughly as possible.

Both of these things will also help decrease our chances of laundry dryer fires.

2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss.


What better 2020 new years resolution than simply getting better at cleaning our laundry dryers?

We need to scrub the lint screen periodically as well, to prevent dryer fires. Dryer sheets leave a residue behind on the screen that’s quite known for it’s clogging properties. Completely blocked screens increase the dryer temperature to a risky point that can encourage fires.

Why not switch to reusable dryer sheets, to lower your chances of dryer fires by even more? You can find reusable wool dryer balls online or felt-fabric sheets that you can cut into squares, from your local craft store.

Zerorez® Tucson pro tip: Try adding some essential oils to the wool balls or felt sheets to add a refreshing smell to your clean laundry!

This will not only help the life of your drier but also lower the lint content and your chances of fires. Not to mention, it will help reduce waste that will in turn, help the planet!

It’s a win-win-win… right?

Check Out the Attic and Basement

Checking out those infrequently used spaces in the home, such as the attic, basement, storage shed, or maybe even the garage, makes this daunting task number four on the 2020 New Years Resolutions For Your Home.

During the winter, we should watch our home’s roofline for ice dams. This can indicate a problem with attic ventilation or insulation and can do extensive harm to our attics and the exterior.

Feeling a bit under the weather? It might be time to check out the basement! If you notice musty smells from the basement, look for foundation leaks or leaking pipes. When left unchecked, mold can harm your home’s air quality and your health!

That goes for your garage or storage shed too! To many of us, the garage or shed out back is another space in the house that is simply used for storage space and is often left unattended throughout the year.

It’s time to tidy up those spaces and inspect them for the same qualities– leaks, potential mold, foundational issues, pests, etc..

It’s easy to neglect spaces we don’t actively use. Inspecting them seasonally can prevent small problems from escalating down the road.

Maintain the Plumbing

Plumbing systems in homes are largely ignored until a problem occurs.

Make it a 2020 goal to clear your drains monthly. Use drain cleaning products or DIY with baking soda and vinegar, in order to clear any deposits from them. Use natural cleaners so that you won’t harm the pipes or affect your home’s air quality.

Definitely, definitely, remove any hair build-up from the sink and shower drains around the house.

Another great habit to keep in 2020? Deodorizing the garbage disposal weekly. Use it in minimal amounts and for soft foods only!

A good rule of thumb to go by? Use the disposal only for foods you can chew– if it’s too tough for you, it’s too hard for the disposal too.

As well, don’t throw your entire bucket of soup down the drain– we know it sucks to sog-up the trash can, but you’ll be glad when your disposal lasts several more years, saving you a ton of money and time!

If you’re feeling a bit discouraged from all of these tasks, a house cleaning company or maid service can take care of these chores for you. Just make it your 2020 goal to get it done, either way!

Cleaning the House

Put house cleaning at the top of your 2020 New Years Resolutions For Your Home. We all have those big tasks or chores that we’ve been meaning to get to all year long, so what better a time then to make it one of your goals in 2020?

A clean home is inviting, healthy and saves so much time! Cleaning it on a regular basis also helps you avoid those big, headachey cleaning jobs that will soon get out of control the longer you wait.

Perhaps the yard has been taken over by weeds and it’s a huge chore now? That’s a perfect example, so why not make that a 2020 resolution!

Does the carpet need cleaning or replacing? 2020 is the best year yet to start saving to get it done!

Take a gander at your tile– is the grout black?

If you don’t have enough time or prefer not to if it’s a hefty job, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to help you out.

Keeping the Carpet Clean

Carpet can be a huge chore and such a drag. Much like the chores above, people overlook and put off cleaning the carpets until the very last minute.

This is definitely one hefty chore that should find it’s way onto your 2020 New Years Resolutions For Your Home!

Just like any of the above 2020 goals that are making their way onto your list, cleaning the carpets is a matter of your family’s health. Carpets are notorious for holding germs and bacteria, so be sure to make this a priority this year.

Carpet May Hold up to 200,000 Bacteria Per Square Inch. That is about 4000 times more than your toilet.

Yuck! Depending on how groady your carpets are, perhaps it’s time to start saving and then replacing your carpets altogether in 2020!

Cleaning your carpets is another one of those hefty tasks that you can either do yourself, but if you’re not feeling up to it, go ahead and have Zerorez® Tucson professional carpet cleaners solve the problem for you, so you can cross it off your list.

De-muckifying the Tile Grout

That’s right– it’s as gross as it sounds! De-muckifying your tile grout is also an important one to add to your 2020 New Years Resolutions For Your Home.

Can you remember a time that your tile grout looked like this (top), rather than this(bottom):

Of course not! Our tile grout steadily blackens, growing dirtier and dirtier over time, and because that process is slow, we hardly notice it’s happening. We grow used to the tile grout being so dark, and don’t question it.

But it’s not supposed to be black my friends. Your tile grout is most certainly supposed to be white and clean just like the bottom half of that photo.

Go ahead and add tile and tile grout cleaning to your new year’s resolution list! Another rather hefty task to complete in 2020!

Again, if you don’t feel like getting down on your hands and knees with a toothbrush, hire your local professional tile cleaning company, Zerorez® Tucson, to do it for you!

There you have it– 2020 New Years Resolutions For Your Home with Zerorez® Tucson.

It’s much more time, and cost, effective to stay on top of the major systems that contribute to a well-maintained home, isn’t it? Rather than postponing them and catching up later, that is, especially when it comes to house cleaning.

Let’s finally make it our new year’s resolution to take care of all of the household chores and tasks that we’ve been meaning to get to all year long, now, in 2020.

Zerorez® Tucson is here to help you do it. Simply give us a call, and let us handle the harder, more obnoxious tasks of carpet, tile, and tile grout cleaning that need to get done in 2020!

Written by: Leah Roberts