5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Carpet

Almost every household in the United States has carpet in their home. Soft carpets are extremely comfortable walking on and are less sensitive to transferring heat or cold, meaning carpet will keep your feet at just the right temperature no matter the time of year. Although carpets come with many amazing benefits, they need to be properly cared for in order to last a long time and continue to feel amazing. In this post, we will tell you about 5 things you may not have known about your carpet.

Your Home’s Largest Air Filter

Everyone with an HVAC system knows that there is a lot of dust in your system’s air filter collected over time. But, what you may not know is your carpet is also filtering the air. In fact, it’s the biggest air filter in your home! Carpets hold more dander, pollen and allergens than your air filter ever could. And clean carpet keeps those allergens out of our breathing zones so you and your family members have less allergies and asthmatic flare-ups. Clean carpet filters much better than carpet that is full of dirt and soil. That means regular cleaning is necessary for maximum asthma and allergy sufferers.

Carpet Warranty Small Prints

Nowadays, most carpets come with warranties that protect you from staining and early wear. Although those warranties should give you peace of mind, all of them require regular carpet cleaning and proper care to keep your warranty in place. Carpet manufacturers know the importance and benefits of cleaning your carpet regularly and thereby require you to comply with cleaning procedures. Check your specific warranty for details but here is what most will tell you: Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction every 12-18 months is required by a company that is certified by the IICRC. And vacuuming must be done frequently enough with a CRI Green Seal Approved vacuum. Spills are expected to be cleaned up quickly after they occur without sitting for extended periods.

Traffic Lanes That Don’t Go Away?

Have traffic lanes become a  different color in certain places? If you wait too long to address this problem, some damage cannot be undone. Regular care will prevent damage and extend the life of the carpet. Start by increasing your vacuuming frequency in high traffic areas. This removes sandy soil that scratches the fibers and it keeps soil from getting into the backing of the carpet. Another consideration is applying a fiber protectant after professional cleanings. Protectant act as a barrier to keep soil from scratching the carpet fibers, saving you money in the long run.

Vacuuming Do’s and Dont’s

Twice we’ve mentioned vacuuming so it must be important for the life of your carpet. And, it is! Most people relegate this duty to the kids, much to the detriment of the carpet. We believe in teaching kids responsibility, just make sure to train them how to do it correctly.  First, make sure the vacuum canister is clean or that the bag is not more than ⅔ full. A clean vacuum has better suction! Now check the beater bar and remove the string, hair and easter egg grass that is wrapped around it. And, set it to the proper height so it tickles the top of the carpet, but doesn’t dig into the fibers. Great – Now we’re ready to vacuum! Slow, overlapping passes will gently vibrate the carpet fibers and get the soil to break free. Lastly, vacuum from forwards and backwards, side to side in heavy traffic areas to get as much dirt out as possible.


3 Reasons Spots Come Back After Carpet Cleaning zerorez phoenix carpet cleaning

Spills, Spots and Stains

Depending on the type of fiber your carpet is made of, spills can quickly become stains. It also matters what is being spilled because a lot of food and drinks we consume have dyes in them that can affect your carpet. Time and heat can turn a spot into a stain. The key to getting these spills out effectively is usually how quickly you’re able to get to them. Just water is usually enough to get most food and beverages out, but if you do have to use a carpet spotter, be careful of high alkaline, or oxidizing spotters. If these are left in the carpet and not rinsed out, they can bleach the carpet over time. It’s best to stick with pH neutral spotters or Zr Water®. Neither will attract dirt or damage the color of your carpet.

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