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You’ll spend about 230,000 hours of your life sleeping. That’s a lot of mattress time!  Most people don’t realize how much dead skin and dust mites filter through our sheets and into the mattress. Gross, huh?

Ask your technician to perform a test to determine whether or not it’s time to have your mattress deep cleaned, and you’ll sleep better tonight!


Nothing says luxury like granite countertops. One of the most beautiful natural stones we use in kitchens and bathrooms can also be quite porous. If you cook regularly, we recommend getting your countertops cleaned and sealed with our LifeTime Sealer. Do it once, and you’ll never have to worry about sealing your countertop again.


Zerorez® doesn’t just just clean homes. We can Zerorezify your vehicle interiors, boat carpet, RVs, and we’ve even cleaned an airplane or two!

Powered Water® removes the spots and spills that occur when your life takes to the open road.

“The technician did a great job, he was professional and on time. He explained the optional treatment for my pet room and I accepted that service. It makes all the difference in the world now in my pet room. The areas he treated look like new carpet. In fact I moved a couch and compared the carpet as cleaned to the carpet under the couch and both looked brand new.” – Jim S.

“My husband and I are very happy with the cleaning. Your technician was very professional and explained every step. He is impressed with Zerorez® and takes his job seriously. The Granite treatment left them feeling smooth and new without a long drying time. We were able to use the kitchen after a few hours.” – Kristin J. 

No one cleans like we do! If you want the best and highest quality carpet cleaning for your home or office, you can’t beat our patented pending Zerorez® cleaning process. No Residue Means Cleaner Longer®! When it comes to carpet cleaning in the valley, Zerorez® is the right way to clean!

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