The Biggest Air Filter In Your Home

Professionally cleaning your carpets regularly is important not just because you want your carpets to look good and last longer – but it’s also better for your health! As you know the air in your home is circulated through those air filters in the ceiling, and those should be replaced regularly – you’ve seen how gross they can get! Well…. did you know that the carpeting in your home ALSO acts as a HUGE air filter?? Wait – what?! It may seem strange, but it’s true! As air circulates through your home it goes through your carpeting, being filtered as it does. 

Studies have shown that “effectively cleaned carpets can trap allergens and other particles, resulting in fewer particles escaping into the air.” (Dr. Bruce Mitchell, allrery and immunology physician)

Our technician was professional and completed the work quickly . He was clear on the expectations and it was aparent he is proud of his product with good reason. I love the true cleanliness and knowing there is no left over residue that will just collect more grime. My husband and son have asthma so it’s important to know our floors are truly clean and I appreciate so much having the confidence that they are! Thanks again!
-Katie M.

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