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  • No Lingering Soap Residue
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Crunchy Carpet Texture
  • Fast-Drying Treatments
  • Pet-Friendly, Kid-friendly
  • Extends the Life of Carpets

The Latest in Cleaning Technology

Finding the best provider for the carpet cleaning services in Tucson may not seem like a big decision at first glance, but can have lasting consequences for your home. Here are a few details to look out for as you go about choosing the best carpet cleaning for your home.

Zr Lifter, carpet fiber protection services in Tucson for deeply embedded dirt.

Zr Lifter™

Loosening the deeply embedded dirt that’s stuck in your carpet fibers.

Zr Wand, significantly improve carpet dry time.

Zr Wand™

A more complete clean with significantly improved dry times.

Zr Water, leave no residue with Zerorez Tucson water carpet protection services.

Zr Water™

Leaves no residue which means soft carpets that stay cleaner longer.

Health Considerations

Living with carpets that are not completely clean can pose health issues down the line, but so can the harsh chemicals used in some commercial carpet cleaners! When it comes to the products and ingredients used inside your home, we know your family’s health comes first.

You don’t have to choose between the lasting detrimental effects of carpet-clinging bacteria or the risk of breathing in harmful chemicals. With Zerorez Tucson, you can get a high-quality carpet cleaning, the healthy way.

Drying Time

The latest technology and the smartest cleaning solutions allow Zerorez to offer much quicker drying times than other carpet cleaning services in Tucson. Having to steer clear of carpets while they slowly dry is one of the main factors deterring many households from having their carpets regularly cleaned.

However, without the need for in-depth rinsing processes with harsh cleaning chemicals and thanks to equipment unique to Zerorez, your carpets will be ready for use again just hours after cleaning. Plus, say goodbye to the crunchy feel of chemicals beneath your feet, and hello to luxuriously soft, like-new carpets!

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Premium Zerorez Tucson Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Protection

With non-toxic solutions and a lack of harsh chemicals, Zerorez Tucson helps increase the longevity of your carpets while still providing a deep and trustworthy clean. Waiting too long between cleaning or bringing in sub-par carpet cleaning services can mean that bacteria, stains and dirt stay embedded in your carpets.

With innovative solutions that truly address these issues instead of covering them up, Zerorez can keep your carpets looking, feeling and smelling newer for longer. Harsh chemicals used by many carpet cleaning services can also leave behind chemical residue, which contributes to your carpets becoming dirty again more quickly as the debris clings to residue. Zerorez also offers carpet protectant application, which helps your carpet repel dirt for longer between cleanings and allows them to stay fresh and soft.

Zerorez Tucson gotta love it guarantee.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your cleaning, we'll gladly return to re-clean any areas you're unsatisfied with.

More Than 160,000+ 5-Star Reviews

4.9 - Local Ratings

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Tiffanie Fischer

    Tiffanie Fischer


    Very friendly. Explained the work while doing it, explained what happened the first time as well. Very happy customer.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Carol Buuck

    Carol Buuck


    My sofa and one area rug were heavily soiled from my dog. Now they look like new

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Monna Sebring

    Monna Sebring


    Tony was professional, informative and is a very hard worker. He is also a delightful personality! I enjoyed spending a little time with him.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Cipriano De Luna

    Cipriano De Luna


    Worker was able to come in earlier than scheduled. He was polite and professional walking me through the process and showing me the most damage areas. He recommended the service needed to properly treat it while explaining pros and cons. Work was done fast and properly.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By mary springer

    mary springer


    Great service. Let me know every step of the way what they were doing

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Nick Iosue

    Nick Iosue


    Very courteous, knowledgeable and thorough. I highly recommend Zerorez!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Inge Detweiler

    Inge Detweiler


    Efficient, nice employees, did a great job.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By James Chrisman Jr

    James Chrisman Jr


    Technicians where on time , professional, knowledgeable, and informative. The price was reasonable. The technicians performed their job quickly. I was exceptionally pleased. Thank you

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Tom Cassell

    Tom Cassell


    Abraham was awesome. Called me told me he could go early. Was kind, professional, did a great job! Will ask for him in future.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Kathleen Trgovich

    Kathleen Trgovich


    They are pretty expensive tho.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jae Breanna

    Jae Breanna


    Jorge was awesome on time extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond to get me the best possible results. Super friendly and I would recommend zerores to anyone.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Susie Baker

    Susie Baker


    Terry was a great carpet tech! Terry did his job efficiently and expertly with attention to detail. He was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly! He answered all of our questions and provided us helpful insights about carpet care. We will definitely use Zerorez for any carpet cleaning, and will ask for Terry if he is available. I understand they offer house cleaning and I'd like to try them for a deep clean.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Dwight Wagner

    Dwight Wagner


    100% amazing

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Holly Tatro

    Holly Tatro


    Was good just took extra time because a person was training another guy. They accept cash but has to be exact amount. Did not know that! Glad I had extra cash on hand.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Michael Blue

    Michael Blue


    Great work. Efficient. Friendly and most important on time and communicative. Thank you

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Michelle Roosma

    Michelle Roosma


    Our carpets look great, they don't feel crunchy, and no harsh chemicals were used. The pet stain and odor service is a game changer. No more pet "accidents" because the odor is gone. My daughter just moved into a house in SC, and I booked the carpet cleaning and HVAC cleaning at her house. She is breathing SO much better. If you have allergy issues, or asthma, this is the right company to use.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Paul Whittenburg

    Paul Whittenburg


    The technician was very punctual. Did amazing work with my 50 year old carpet and never stopped working. My technician was great!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Murlyn Clore

    Murlyn Clore


    Friendly technician and very helpful! Did a great job!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Deborah Calvert

    Deborah Calvert


    Elijah was fantastic. He is a very hard worker and did a phenomenal job. I will request him again. Everything looks brand new! Thank you!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Heidi Hursh

    Heidi Hursh


    I’ve been using Zerorez for over 5 years. I am impressed by their use of more natural cleaning agents and the care that their techs take to solve particular issues like pets, heavy traffic areas, etc. this last cleaning was outstanding. Abraham took the time to do the job so completely that my pet-stained carpet looks brand new. I would strongly recommend this company as an ethical, highly effective organization. The carpets dry quickly and look great!

Pet-Related Services

If you have pets, you know they pose a unique challenge when it comes to keeping your house clean. Whether you’re raising a young puppy or you simply have adventurous and mischievous furry friends, it’s likely your carpets are paying the price in the form of dirt tracked through the house on paws, urine and vomit stains and odors, a steady supply of hair and the occasional spill caused by wayward tails.

In addition to taking away from the appearance of cleanliness in your home, the presence of things like outdoor dirt and urine can pose real health risks if not addressed. Bacteria and ammonia staying in your carpet means you’re breathing it in, little by little. Don’t fall for the short-lived relief of cleaning services that simply cover up the scents and stains associated with pets.

Instead, enlist high-quality carpet cleaning services like Zerorez to ensure your carpets stay clean, no matter how many furry friends you have! While many homes with pets will still only require the standard Zerorez cleaning process, others may need the deeper clean provided by our special process that reaches all the way through to the padding — all without removing your carpet!

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Finding the Best Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

Pricing and Reviews

Finding the best carpet cleaning services for your household should take into account their approach to health considerations, drying time, carpet protection, and pet-related services, but it’s also important to keep pricing and reviews front of mind. Some of the largest red flags when searching for carpet cleaning is a lack of good reviews or the absence of clear and straightforward pricing on their website.

Because Zerorez Tucson is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction, it’s easy to find plenty of testimonials as well as easy-to-understand pricing information. With the health of your family, the longevity of your carpets, and the cleanliness of your home at the center of all we do, Zerorez Tucson provides trustworthy and high-quality carpet cleaning services in Tucson.

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Zerorez offers top rated Carpet Cleaning Services in Tucson. Zerorez offers top rated Carpet Cleaning Services in Tucson.

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