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We get more dirt and grime out of your carpets and upholstery than any other carpet cleaner in the industry.

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  • No Lingering Soap Residue
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Crunchy Carpet Texture
  • Fast-Drying Treatments
  • Pet-Friendly, Kid-friendly
  • Extends the Life of Carpets

The Latest in Cleaning Technology

Fabric isn't made to last forever, and often carpet and upholstery can be the first parts of a home to show signs of daily life. A deep clean can do wonders for restoring your carpet and furniture to look like new, but how long will that cleanliness last?

Zerorez is here to provide the carpet protection services in Tucson you're looking for! Not only does our Zero Residue cleaning process mean no dirt, grime or bacteria will be left behind, but our protective coating provides state-of-the-art protection against soiling and stains.

For the surfaces that matter most, choose Zerorez Tucson. Schedule an appointment today!

Zr Lifter, carpet protection services for deeply embedded dirt.

Zr Lifter™

Loosening the deeply embedded dirt that’s stuck in your carpet fibers.

Zr Wand, significantly improve carpet dry time.

Zr Wand™

A more complete clean with significantly improved dry times.

Zr Water, leave no residue with Zerorez Tucson water carpet protection.

Zr Water™

Leaves no residue which means soft carpets that stay cleaner longer.

What is Upholstery Fabric Protection?

What is Upholstery Fabric Protection?

Fabric protection is just that: it protects fabrics from being ruined by a haphazard spill or dirt-covered shoes. The Zerorez Fiber Protector is a new, state-of-the-art formula that does more than keep stains from getting in — it coats fibers to protect them from the inside out.

How is this different? Most traditional protectors use repellency barriers to protect fibers; meaning they keep spills from getting absorbed immediately. But if you don’t clean those accidents up pronto, the stain can still penetrate the barrier and set within the fibers.

Once a spill breaks through the initial barrier and has a chance to bond with the fibers, it creates a difficult, hard to remove stain.

By coating the entire fiber and not just resting on top, the Zerorez Fiber Protector adds an extra layer of protection to your carpet, favorite chair or movie-watching couch.

In combination with cleaning, using our upholstery and carpet protection services in Tucson can lengthen the life of the most loved parts of your home!

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Is Protection Necessary for "Stain Proof" Carpet?

If "stain proof" and "life proof" carpet sounds too good to be true, you'd be right. Olefin and polyester carpets are typically touted as stain proof and may leave owners thinking they don't need to use any sort of protector.

While these fibers are naturally stain resistant, there's still a need for protectant. Not just for soil protection, but for your health.

Studies show that 1 in 5 people will develop allergies. Much of that allergen exposure happens indoors, where dust, bacteria and air pollutants accumulate. Without protection, olefin and polyester carpets do nothing to protect against these allergens.

And while these fibers may resist dye stains, oily soils are another story. Olefin and polyester absorb oil quickly and then bond with that oil, which is why you’ll see many carpets start to develop a yellow tinge over time.

Additionally, olefin and polyester are easily damaged by the roughness of dry soil, which scratches the fibers. This persistent scratching and damage creates a worn look that can't be fixed with cleaning, which is why it's so important to be proactive with carpet protection services.

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Why Choose Zerorez Tucson Carpet Protection Services?

Extend the life of your carpets and protect them from damage with the Zerorez Fiber Protector! Unlike other protectors, Maxim Advanced has been specially designed to work with the unique features of olefin and polyester to create high levels of protection against dry and oily soils.

Our protectants are safe for use on even the most delicate fabrics and provides coverage on your entire piece of furniture, carpet or even Oriental rug.

Our fiber protector has a unique formulation that allows it to stretch and maintain its strength while upholstery or carpet is being used!

Your home may be protected against spills, but what about the things you can't see? Microbes, bacteria and germs love upholstery and carpet, and they can cause lingering odors and even allergies if not cleaned and protected properly.

The Zerorez Anti-microbial protector is a safe, long-lasting and EPA listed disinfecting protector.

Designed to offer lasting protection from germs, this protector creates a nano-technology barrier designed to rupture cell-walls of bacteria, viruses and molds.

Tested and approved by the EPA and FDA, the antimicrobial protector offers peace of mind thanks to its lasting power and ability to keep germs out since they can't grow immunity to it.

Microseal is a WoolSafe certified protector. Approved for all fabrics, it's especially effective for protecting fine rugs, furniture and drapes.

The patented formula completely penetrates the fiber — even becoming part of the fiber itself! Microseal keeps soils out and keeps your textiles looking new for longer.

This unique protector can't wash off, is permanent and helps to prevent sun damage!

More Than 160,000+ 5-Star Reviews

4.9 - Local Ratings

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Patty Feld

    Patty Feld


    Art was great from beginning to end. And he did a great job!!!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Angelica Kibler

    Angelica Kibler


    We have used Zerorez several times in the past and have always been satisfied, but this time our techs (John F and Samuel S) went above and beyond. They discovered issues with our carpets I was unaware of, and worked with me to find the best solution while still staying within my budget. My floors are much cleaner now, and I’ll be continuing to use Zerorez in the future!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Martina Plaster

    Martina Plaster


    Tony called ahead of time to inform me he was on his way. He was courteous and professional. The carpets hadn’t been cleaned in a while. They were very dirty in the high-traffic areas. After he was finished, the carpets looked very good. I definitely would recommend Zerorez for carpet cleaning. Scheduling the appointment online was very easy and it was followed up with a phone call the next day confirming the appointment. Pricing was listed on the website and there were no surprises when it came time to pay.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By John Fiore

    John Fiore


    Brandon was our service tech. Very Professional. My wife and I are 100% satisfied customers. Had an 8 year old stain( spilled cosmetics) that no one could remove. This is where Brandon started. 20 minutes later, gone! Unbelievable!! He did the whole house with excellent results. Thank you ZEROREZ! Thank you Brandon.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Katie Reeves

    Katie Reeves


    We use their housecleaning service, the crew it great, friendly, professional and reliable…always do a great job!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By mrnickscala



    Great service start to finish! Jessica from the office was very responsive and communicated well throughout the whole process. Manny did a great job cleaning the shower and bathroom tile. He was upfront and honest from the start. Very friendly as well. I would definitely use zerorez again.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Matthew Maley

    Matthew Maley


    Great fast service for a great price

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Angela Santa Cruz

    Angela Santa Cruz


    This is probably the first time that I have experienced model customer service from a carpet cleaning business. In the past, other companies have been rushed, unfriendly and I never quite felt happy with the way the carpet looked. The technician was knowledgeable and took the time to answer questions and explain my concerns. He started off doing a section (high traffic area) and before he proceeded asked what I thought about the results, which made me feel as if they cared about the outcome. This company by far exceeded my expectations!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jack Manning

    Jack Manning


    Elijah was professional can in let me know what needed to be done,and got the the job done will recommend to friends and family

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Beverly Nixon

    Beverly Nixon


    The service was amazing. The technician stayed until I was completely satisfied with the results. I love that my carpet was damp but walkable before he left. I have dogs and he worked very hard to ensure my floors were pet hair and stain free. WONDERFUL SERVICE, GREAT PRODUCTS AND A FANTASTIC COMPANY!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Lynda Martone

    Lynda Martone


    Elias did a great job cleaning our tile and grout. Very satisfied

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By barb ara

    barb ara


    Excellent service!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Marina Marra

    Marina Marra


    Quick and efficient.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Scott Cramer

    Scott Cramer


    Manny was professional and the carpet is clean.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Laurie Taetle

    Laurie Taetle


    I am amazed at all the positive reviews this company has gotten. And now I understand why. I haven't gone with a cleaning service in years but after our first day I am sold.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Sandy Mehl

    Sandy Mehl


    Noah did a great job on my carpets. He explained everything about the process and how it was different from other types of cleaning. I will be using them again.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Rick Hoover

    Rick Hoover


    They cleaned our tile floors and 3 area rugs. They did an excellent job. They were timely, explained the bill, explained why they do what they do, and cleaned up after themselves. Excellent experience. We’ll use them again.

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Harold Bertschinger Jr

    Harold Bertschinger Jr


    Car upholstery

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Nicole Day

    Nicole Day


    "Jay-Z" was extremely polite and friendly and got the job done quickly. He even went the extra mile to teach my kids what all of his carpet cleaning tools were for. Wonderful job cleaning our living room carpets, they look fantastic!

  • Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Scott Miller

    Scott Miller


    David was very courteous and very thorough. He text me about a half hour before he got here so I didn’t have to sit at home for the two hour window, much appreciated. Carpets look new!

Zerorez Tucson gotta love it guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with your service for any reason, we will gladly return within 30 days of service and re-clean any areas you're unsatisfied with.

Protect your Carpet and Upholstery

Zerorez Tucson

Zerorez Fiber Protector represents the future of carpet protection with a completely new formulation. We use state-of-the-art environmentally safe fluorochemical technology to coat fibers with an interior stain barrier, preventing difficult dye stains from getting inside and damaging them from within.

That’s a lot of industry lingo, but in short: You won't find better carpet protection services!

Your home sees a lot of love, but it doesn’t have to look like it. Keep your home clean and protected with our Zero Residue and fast-dry services.

Book Zerorez today for professional carpet protection services in Tucson!

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