Easy Clean Up Tips For Common Spills

Things are going to spill, it’s what you do when they happen that counts! If you take away anything from this let it be 1. Don’t panic and 2. stop standing around staring at it and get it cleaned up already! 

Full disclosure – we are going to recommend our Zr Water® as first choice for a Residue Free® clean up on all spots and spills – however, if you don’t have that on hand we have found some alternatives you can use in a pinch… 

1. Bubble Gum

We’re warming things up (…or freezing them rather) with bubble gum. Although it seems like a nightmare to find a wad of chewed up gum in your carpet, it is actually one of the easier things to remove.

First thing you need to do is NOT PANIC! Next, go fill a sandwich bag with some ice cubes and put it right on top of that lovely gum spot until it hardens (this may take a few minutes). After it’s nice and frozen you should be able to gently remove all the pieces of gum from the carpet fibers using a spoon. 

2. Chocolate

Here’s another one you may want to have the ice cubes ready for. If the chocolate is melted you may want to try putting a towel down and placing a bag of ice cubes over it to help solidify the chocolate before trying to remove anything.

Once the chocolate is hardened you should scrape as much from the carpet as possible. When you have completed that, grab the vacuum and go over the area to remove any loose flakes before proceeding. Once done grab some paper towels and your iron. Put that iron on the lowest setting it has and place the paper towels down on the spot. Be careful when ironing over the paper towels, keep the iron moving and the temp steady. This should cause the chocolate to attach to the paper towels and leave your carpet behind! Use (you guessed it) Zr Water® to remove any residue remaining. 

3. Wine

 Nooooooooo! Wait – remember what we said – Do NOT panic! Take a breath and act FAST. Wine can actually be removed fairly easily if you don’t let it hang out on your carpet. Grab the Zr Water®! (If you don’t have that get some tonic water – you know the carbonated stuff). 

Blot up as much of that wine as you can, but DO NOT RUB! Then – quickly now – pour a small amount of that Zr Water® (or tonic water) on the spill to help break up the wine before it sets into the fibers. Be careful with how much you pour on though, you don’t want to flood the floor. Use a white towel and good ol’ fashioned pressure to blot up as much as possible. Repeat until the spot is removed. PHEW – you did it!

4. Coffee

Don’t let spilled coffee have time to set in, get to work on this NOW. Grab the Zr Water® – if you don’t have that then create a mixture of 50/50 water and white vinegar. 

Grab yourself a trusty white towel and blot up as much of that coffee as you can. Next, use your Zr Water® or water/vinegar solution to treat and blot the area clean. Once the spot is gone, you’re all set! If there is anything left behind that just won’t come up spray 3% hydrogen Peroxide on the area to try and remove any remaining staining. Don’t over-do it! Hydrogen Peroxide can remove color from your carpet, so use sparingly and test in inconspicuous area first.

5. Pet Stains

As we’ve mentioned, the best thing you can do is act quickly. Because urine is a liquid – and is typically concentrated into one small area – it has the tendency to go down below the carpet backing, into the padding and SPREEEEEEAD.  

First thing you want to do is grab that white towel and start soaking up urine. Once you’ve gotten most of it you will want to pour some Zr Water® on the area. You will want to then blot everything up again with a new clean towel. Repeat this process until your towel stays clean. Once that’s done put down a fresh towel and stack something heavy on it to help soak up any excess moisture. 

Avoid over the counter spotters as they can destabilize the colors in your carpet and can cause color loss later when the carpet is professionally cleaned. 

If you need help with these or anything else you may find on your carpet (or tile, upholstery, area rugs, etc.) just give us a call! We’re happy to help because, well, we’re Obsessed With Clean™!

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