Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Zerorez® apart from other carpet cleaners?

Before Zerorez®, the carpet cleaning industry ignored the fact that chemicals they were using to clean with left massive amounts of chemical residue behind. Carpets were left full of detergents that continued to attract dirt and in every case, become dirtier faster. The companies hired to clean our carpets were the problem; and what’s worse, they knew this.

It was this frustration that caused Zerorez® to begin our mission of Zero Residue®. We said, if America can put a man on the moon, we sure as heck can figure out how to clean carpets without soaps, detergents and shampoos. And Zerorez® did! We clean with Zr Water® instead of soaps. We’re lab tested and have multiple university studies proving we leave zero soil attracting residue. Zerorez® has been tested by the Carpet and Rug Institute and outperformed all other cleaners, earning the highest rating possible; Platinum Space Rated.

Zerorez® is the only cleaner in nation that can claim Zero Residue®.

All thanks to our patented Zr Water®.

What can you do about residue left behind from other cleaning companies?

Soap left behind by other cleaners, or from over the counter spot cleaners pose a different problem than normal soiling. Zerorez® never introduces new soaps or detergents when we clean so over time (as long as no more soap is added by someone else) Zerorez® will remove the soap left behind by others.

In minor cases we are able to remove chemical residue in one cleaning. In more severe cases it could take two or three cleanings to remove it all. You can help by avoiding chemical spotters and home or rental shampooers.

Together we can change the world!!


Should I move my furniture?

At Zerorez®, our technicians don’t move furniture. We ask that any furniture you’d like cleaned under be moved prior to arrival. Large items like beds, dressers and entertainments centers don’t need to be moved at all. We clean right up to and around them. The carpet under these areas doesn’t get walked on so it’s normal for those to be left in place.

How soon can I walk on my floor after cleaning?

Our hot water extraction process does leave some moisture in the carpet. You should expect a dry time between 4 and 8 hours depending on the soil level prior to cleaning, temperature, and airflow in the home. You can walk on it immediately afterwards; we just recommend wearing clean socks. Be careful walking from carpet onto tile, it can be slippery so be safe!

How are pet spots and odors treated?

Accidents happen. Thankfully, Zerorez® technician have extensive training in removing biological contamination from the carpet and below. We first locate spots using specialized UV lights that are tuned to 365nm. This is the perfect wave length for isolating fluorescents in body fluids, like urine. We’ll next test clean the area using our Zr Water®. Many times our regular clean will remove the contamination without additional processes and cost.

In more severe cases, where urine has penetrated the carpet backing or has been sitting for extended periods of time, more aggressive treatments may be necessary. These are not part of the regular cleaning and are an additional cost. The tests performed prior to cleaning will tell us how severe the damage is and to what process is required to completely remove the contamination.

Zerorez® uses a proprietary cleaning product called Zerorez® Odor & Urine Treatment. This, combined with our Zr Water®, removes the source of the discoloration and odors safely. Pets and children can be on the carpet immediately after cleaning without a concern of harsh or toxic chemicals, like other carpet cleaners.

No one can guarantee that all stains or odors can be removed from your carpet. But know that Zerorez® has an incredibly high success rate at removing embarrassing stains and odors when our recommendations are followed.

How do I prepare for my Zerorez® service?


It’s important to give your carpet a thorough vacuuming prior to your appointment. This helps shorten the dry time.

Please have any furniture you want cleaned under moved out of the room prior to our arrival. We’ll clean up to and around any furniture remaining in the room.


Urine, feces, blood or vomit may require additional processes to address odor, bacteria, and staining. Testing will be performed on-site to determine severity and what steps, if any, are recommended. Treatments for biological contamination are not included in our standard cleaning price.


Rugs, due to their construction, require special treatment in order to be cleaned properly. We have a specialized cleaning facility to clean all rugs with care. Your technician will determine whether your rug can be surface cleaned in your home or whether it  requires full bathing in our facility. Most rugs can be cleaned in your home.

Do you service my area?

Our standard Tucson service area includes Green Valley to Marana, Saddlebrook to Vail. For these areas, we have an $80 service minimum (not including our $14 environmental fee).

We are willing to travel outside our service area for a higher service minimum. We recommend getting a few friends together and booking your appointments together to spread the service minimum amongst multiple homes. Call for further details. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand life happens. If you need to reschedule your appointment we ask that you give us at least 2 business days notice. That gives us time to fill the appointment and keep our technician busy. We’ll help you find a time that’s more convenient for you too. 


Do you do on-site estimates?

Although we do not send someone out to the home just to do an estimate we’ve set our per-room pricing to be simple and easy to understand. With your help, we’ll be as accurate as possible on the phone. Please understand that our over-the-phone estimate is sight unseen and your technician will walk through the job with you and confirm any price adjustments prior to cleaning.

What do you consider a room?

We consider a room to be an area up to 250 square feet; with or without furniture (we do not subtract for furniture). Areas larger than 250 sqft are counted as two (a double-sized room) or more areas (a triple-sized room). Smaller rooms cannot be combined and counted as a single room.

When describing your rooms over the phone, try to be as detailed as possible with areas that you’d like cleaned. 250 sqft is about a 16’x16′ square. If you’re not really sure about the size, that’s OK. Our technicians can measure the room when they arrive. Any adjustments that need to be made to the estimate will be approved by you before any cleaning begins. We don’t want you to have any surprises at the time of cleaning.

**Area rugs, halls, stairs and walk-in-closets are not considered rooms and are priced separately.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

At Zerorez® we honor a “Gotta Love It” Guarantee®. That means if your not happy, if you don’t love the results of your cleaning, we’ll come back. We’ll do everything possible to make it right and resolve any concern. It’s that simple.

Why am I being charged and environmental fee?

Zerorez® has a standard fee of $14 for all scheduled appointments. The making of our Zr Water® used to clean, and our equipment, requires additional costs that are not quite standard for the industry. This allows to offer great specials throughout the year to help meet your cleaning needs.

Can a couch or stairs be cleaned as part of the 3 room special?

The Zerorez® three room special is for wall-to-wall, installed carpet only. Items like couches, halls and stairs are not considered rooms and are priced separately.  If you don’t have three rooms of carpet, that’s okay. We can still come out to your home. Our service minimum in Tucson is $80 in services to be performed.

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