8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted on Mar 10th 2021


8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

That’s right friends– it’s that time of year again! The trees are blossoming, the sun is shining, and it’s finally Spring. Let’s take one more step towards a normal year with some good ol’ fashioned Spring Cleaning, eh?

We’ve all been hunkered down during these colds months, and (if we’re being honest) in combination with Covid restrictions, we’ve all gotten a bit lazy the last year, right?

That means long-term cleaning chores like tile and grout sealing or thorough carpet cleaning have gotten further and further pushed back.

We keep saying, “I’ll work on it when things settle down”, but things haven’t quite settled down as fast as any of us would like. So despite that, it’s time to kick ourselves into gear and start off the 2021 Spring right, with a fresh, clean home!

Here are 8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips that will start your Spring season off right. Why not enjoy the inside of your home just as much as you enjoy the warm sunshine outside?

1. Seal Tile and Grout

First things first– the long-term cleaning project we’ve put off the most. It’s time to give your home’s tile and grout a cleaning of a lifetime!

If you haven’t had your tile and grout sealed before, then there’s no better time to start than now. Tile and grout sealer is a liquid coat you can apply to the porous surface of your tile or grout– it protects the tile and grout from natural deterioration, day-to-day wear, and helps to keep your tile cleaner, longer.

Sealers typically protect unglazed tiles and grouts from absorbing stains, dirt, grime, mold, mildew, bacteria, etc..

Sealing tile and grout can either be done yourself or by professional tile cleaners (which is what we suggest).

Specifically, after a good Zerorezification® on your tile and grout, our technicians can apply a sealant to your grout and tile to help create a barrier between those porous surfaces and whatever ends up on them!

2. Window Maintenance

Windows are perhaps the most neglected parts of our homes. I mean really, who thinks about cleaning their windows thoroughly when they’re going through the motions of their normal chores?

Do the dishes, wipe down the counters, sweep the floors, wipe off the dinner table, clean the toilets– clean the window screens? Yikes. You know what we’re saying!

A great way to start off your Spring Cleaning is with some thorough window cleaning.

We’re talking the whole sha-bang – cleaning the windows, vacuuming the window seals, wiping down the window seals, vacuuming and wiping down the blinds, or washing the curtains/drapes.

Last but not least, spraying or wiping down those window screens. When’s the last time you did that?

Start by taking those puppies off your windows, and lining them all up side by side against the side of the house. Use the gentle spray of your garden hose to spray them all off.

Some might need a little extra TLC. You can use some dishwashing liquid and a gentle scrubbing brush on the window screens, giving them a final wipe down for the hard to get grime and grit.

3. Vacuum and Clean Area Rugs

First and foremost, knowing what type of rug you have will determine what the best care and cleaning options are for each. You can find out here.

However, typically, the best bet for your area rug cleaning is this:

Vacuum your area rug. Try not to vacuum the edges and corners of your rugs to avoid fringing and frizzing the rug fibers.

Shake out or beat your area rugs.

Professionally clean your area rugs. A Zerorez® Tucson technician can come over to Zerorezify® your area rugs, once a year, the same way they would for a tile or carpet

Rotate your rugs often. Foot traffic and sun can put extra stress on area rugs. Make sure to turn them once or twice a year to even out the wear on all sides of the rug.

4. Dusting

Also neglected amidst our winter hunkerdown is the very basic dusting our furniture and areas around the house.

Sometimes this dusting might simply be a swipe of the Swiffer over the bookshelf, and that does the trick. Other times it might consist of using the crevice tool for your vacuum hose and swiping it over the baseboards and above doorways. Dust brush tools might be best for walls and ceiling fans.

Always work from the top of a room down, vacuuming the dust that settles on the floor.

Some furniture may need a quick swipe of the feather duster but will need a thorough wipe down of a wet hand towel after. You may even consider getting yourself a bottle of zr water® to keep as your cleaning solution.

zr water® is the electrolyzed water we use for our professional cleaning.

Not only does it work great on your tile, rugs, upholstery, and carpets, but it makes for a great non-toxic household cleaning solution! Give it a try while you’re getting into your Spring Cleaning this year.

5. Clean Upholstered Furniture

Your furniture’s fabric and cushions can harbor a number of allergens and bacteria that can make the whole family feel icky.

Hiring a professional upholstery cleaner in Tucson, AZ to clean your furniture periodically is a step in the right direction; but you should take the time to keep your furniture in good condition in between cleanings.

Fluff and Flip your cushions often. Every few days will be a great refresher for the shape and loft of the filling material.

Vacuum your upholstery. Think about the amount of dust that settles on your bookshelves and entertainment centers. It only makes sense that the same thing would happen to your upholstered furniture.

Quick accident clean-up. When you see a spot or stain on your furniture, it’s important to act quickly, removing it using a damp cloth or one dipped in some of our zr water®.

Professionally clean your upholstered furniture. A Zerorez® Tucson expert can come over once a year to Zerorezify® your upholstery the same way they would for a tile, rugs, & carpet!

6. Cleaning Mattresses

You wash your sheets and pillows, but when was the last time you cleaned your mattress?

Between dead skin cells, dust mites, dust, dirt, bacteria and fungi, hair, and dander, there are more than enough reasons to have the mattress’ in your home professionally cleaned this spring.

The Zerorez® Tucson mattress cleaning process is perfect for your mattress!

7. Doors and Knobs

Much like our window screens, we probably unconsciously neglect our doors and doorknobs throughout the house. This Spring, it couldn’t hurt to give those a little clean-and-shine, don’t you think?

Start by dusting or vacuuming your doors with the brush tool of your vacuum. Using your newly favorite cleaning solution zr water®, you can clean your door and knobs AND polish your knobs at the same time! Easy peasy, Zerorez® squeezy!

8. Thorough Carpet Cleaning

Last but not least on our 8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips, comes as no surprise!

Carpets act as a secondary filter in your home. Like a fly trap, those carpet fibers will eat up just about everything that lands on them; therefore any contaminants that might find their way into your home will cause the floors to look and feel a bit dirty.

This makes spring a fabulous time for a thorough professional steam cleaning, especially for those with allergies.

Our residue-free carpet cleaning will leave your carpets spotless and protected without leaving behind a sticky chemical residue that can attract dirt back to your floors, season after season!

It’s time to kick ourselves into gear and start off the 2021 Spring right, with a fresh, clean home! Start with these 8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips so that you can enjoy the inside of your home just as much as you enjoy the sunshine outside!