A Clean Home Is A Healthy Home (Carpet Cleaning Benefits)

Posted on May 15th 2020


A Clean Home Is A Healthy Home (Carpet Cleaning Benefits)

What has your home become during the stay-at-home protocol?

Has it been a tad bit chaotic like ours?!

Has your home become a school, a park, a dance club, a spa, a restaurant, an office, a movie theater, and a gym? Have you also noticed that it’s starting to smell that way?

We clean your home with our patented technology that helps us clean better than anyone else while using CDC guidelines to keep your family safe. Remember, a clean home is a healthy home.

Carpet Cleaning Is Great For Your Health

Carpet fibers can retain germs, mold, dirt, and even odors, all of which can contribute to a variety of allergies and illnesses. Vacuuming can remove some of these irritants, but some will remain and continue to build up.

Therefore, it is important now more than ever to have those carpets professionally cleaned by Zerorez® Tucson!

A complete and comprehensive carpet cleaning will get down to the nitty-gritty of those murky carpet fibers and effectively remove those germ culprits!

Zerorez® Tucson uses a patented technology that loosens embedded dirt with Powered Water® then extracts the water with a powerful airflow wand.

This wand recaptures twice the amount of water than that of traditional carpet cleaning tools, which means your carpet’s padding will remain intact, so your family can get back to the at-home dance party!

Clean Carpet Is More Inviting

Your carpeting is often the most traveled highway of your home, which means it certainly holds a fair share of dirt, allergens, and other grubby particles that vacuuming can only hope to mask.

When the family is all together, watching movies, or even doing homework, many end up sprawling out on the carpet. Think of everything you’re exposed to in such an innocent act, ack!

Regular professional carpet cleaning by Zerorez® Tucson can keep your carpeting smelling lovely and looking inviting, to you, your family, and your guests. That’s just one of many perks!

This will also help you breathe easier (literally!) knowing that no one will leave your house with the gift of meaning germs. Honey, you can keep that gift!

If you’re ready to take control of your carpet’s well-being, reach out to Zerorez® Tucson!

Our team will help you plan the perfect cleaning schedule for your home or office and make it easy for you to go about you to continue on in your healthy at-home gyming activities, without the interruption of dirt and grime.

Carpet Cleaning Is Good For Your Carpet’s Health

We wash our clothes regularly to keep them fresh and fashionable. We shower daily so that our bodies don’t carry the stench and microbes of the day. Do your carpets not deserve to be given the same love too?!

Not to mention, carpets see much more carnage than clothing ever could, and yet we neglect to clean them even half as often as we do the laundry! See how strange that is?!

Don’t even get us started on stains…

Stains can be spot treated as they happen, but over time those stains will grow beyond what a scrub brush and some spray cleaner can handle.

Those harsh, sticky cleaners always leave behind a soapy residue- and, if you’re an avid Zerorez® follower, you know that a soapy residue actually attracts dirt and oil towards the fibers of your carpet or furniture that you are trying to keep clean! How rude, right?

A professional carpet cleaning with Zerorez® Tucson can remove the whole stain without leaving residue in its place. Our patented Powered Water® solution is just that- water!

Therefore, it leaves behind zero residue®, so your carpet and upholstery stay cleaner, longer. Oh yeah honey, this is a gift you want!