Add Zerorez® To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Posted on Apr 28th 2021


Add Zerorez® To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is finally here! It’s time to shake off the dust, grime, and overall musty funk of those cold winter months and invite the sunshine in!

As you prepare to spring clean your home or office (yes, even the office needs a good sprucing up!), there may be a few areas or items that you’ve forgotten to add to your list, that Zerorez® might be able to help with.

We’ve got you covered! Here are some easily overlooked spring cleaning musts:


First and foremost, you’ll want to kick off your spring cleaning right with a new kind of freshness- ZrWater® cleaning solution. Your first instinct might be to use a store-bought cleaner and start checking off the items on the list.

But perhaps it might be time to try something different?

Shake it up a little bit this spring with our ZrWater® cleaning solution!

Our ZrWater® is the only water cleaning solution that is enhanced through a patented electrolysis process - oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution, free from harmful toxins or chemicals.

Simply have a bottle of our patented, electrolyzed ZrWater® on hand for these spring cleaning endeavors. Spray a generous portion to the area you wish to clean, let it soak for a few minutes, and simply use a sponge or hand towel to wipe it off!

When you use store-bought cleaning chemicals to clean and remove stains, they cannot be fully removed from the surface.

In fact, these store-bought cleaners actually leave a sticky residue behind on any surface it’s applied to, and in time, that spot will end up attracting more dirt, quicker than before - whether that’s your kitchen counters, your tile floors, or Fluffy’s hairball stain on the carpet!

Zr Water® is not only safe for the family (and for Fluffy), but it also gives you the added benefit of a genuine, Residue Free® clean! With your new spring cleaning best friend Zr Water®, let’s move on to some ways that you can Add Zerorez® To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist :

Living space: Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

As one of the most high-traffic areas of your home or office, living spaces will be one of the dirtiest sections of your spring cleaning task list.

It’s probably time to pull out that Zr Water® and cloth to all surfaces that can stand a little moisture, as this will thoroughly clean dust and leftover germs from those dark dank winter months. We’re talking about everything from the baseboards, walls, and window seals, to your TV and entertainment center.

Having fun yet?

Well, in case you’re not, let’s not forget the biggest pieces of furniture in your living areas - the couches, chairs, and area rugs. These are often the most overlooked and underrated areas that desperately need some spring cleaning love.

To effectively clean all upholstery and area rugs, schedule a time for the Zerorez® Tucson team to come to your home and cross this one off the list for you. The Zerorez® cleaning system uses its revolutionary green cleaning solution Zr Water® to clean and restore the appearance of your area rugs and upholstery!

Kitchen: Stone Cleaning

Now of course countertops are the first and most important surfaces to be cleaned in your kitchen, understandably so. And while you do have ZrWater® now to clean with, here’s another way you can Add Zerorez® To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

It’s not a bad idea to have Zerorez® come out and professionally clean your countertops with our high-pressure stone cleaning system. We can deep clean any material your countertops might be made of - tile, quartz, granite, marble, and so much more… these porous surfaces need some spring cleaning love too!

Of course, all horizontal surfaces are obvious targets for cleaning, but don’t forget to go vertical too! Wipe down cabinets and doors, as they are magnets for dust and grease.

Here comes another revolutionary use for your fresh new ZrWater® solution! Take a ZrWater® dampened cloth to your lighting fixtures to clear them of dust and cobwebs, and don’t forget to pull out your refrigerator (if you can) to wipe down the wall behind it and vacuum the floor.

Floors? Did somebody say floors? Oh yeah, we just did:

Bathroom: Tile Cleaning

If you have tile floors in your kitchen or bathrooms, make an appointment with Zerorez® Tucson to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned! Our patented cleaning system uses ZrWater® at high but safe pressure to remove soil and restore the color of your grout. We then apply our proprietary surface sealer to protect and beautify your floor for years to come.

Also like the kitchen, make sure you give cabinets, doors, and tile, and grout in the bathroom, the extra love they crave this spring. If you have a decorative cloth shower curtain, run it through the laundry. It’s likely accumulated a nice coating of dust or mildew, and can also act as a sponge for airborne germs and allergens.

While you’re at it pile in all the smaller trash cans from around your home and clean them out with disinfectant. Now is also a great time to replace all bathroom cleaning tools like the toilet brush and sponge.

Speaking of ways you can Add Zerorez® To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist… why deep clean your shower yourself when Zerorez® can do that for you? I mean, given that you have a stone or tiled shower, why not right? We can professionally clean your shower stone and tile the same way we’ll deep clean those tile/stone floors for ya!

Add Zerorez® To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist: Carpet Cleaning

Last but not least - the cherry on top of your spring cleaning spree - and yet another way to Add Zerorez® To Your Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Give the carpets in your home or office a good professional cleaning. Our carpets deserve a deep spring cleaning just as much as the next guy!

In fact, carpets act as a secondary air filter in your home, constantly catching airborne germs, dust, dirt, and grime. These particles are then constantly kicked back up into the air as we drag our feet and shoes across the surface.

Sure, vacuuming helps, and we should definitely continue to vacuum carpets a couple of times a week. However, there should definitely be a yearly routine deep clean of your carpets! And what better a time than springtime?!

Our carpet cleaning experts use a patented technology that loosens embedded dirt with ZrWater® then extracts the water with a powerful airflow wand, which recaptures twice the amount of water traditional carpet cleaning tools do.

The result is a healthy clean that lasts, helping you breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner indoor environment!

We hope these tips help you get every inch of your home cleaned and ready for spring. For some help with getting everything done, don’t hesitate to call in your local Zerorez® spring cleaning experts!