Advice From The Tucson Rug Cleaning Experts

Posted on Mar 18th 2021


Advice From The Tucson Rug Cleaning Experts

It’s safe to say that area rugs have such an important impact on the look of any room. Therefore, it’s also important that these rugs stay nice and beautiful for the duration of their stay in your home.

Sure, vacuuming every now and again is a great way to keep a rug consistently clean, but when was the last time you deep cleaned that baby?

Here’s a good test for you: lift up the corner of your rug in a nicely lit section of your home. Drop it back down. If you see a good poof of dust and particles fly around it, then that poor rug definitely needs a deep cleaning!

There are two ways to get this done; with a professional deep cleaning and some regular maintenance– and we’re going to teach you about both. As experts on rug cleaning, coming to Zerorez® Tucson for Cleaning Advice From The Tucson Rug Cleaning Experts was a good idea, indeed.

Vacuuming Your Area Rug

Vacuuming your area rug will prevent large amounts of dirt from piling up.

Vacuuming the area rug on a regular basis will suck up all the dirt and other filth that has been dragged into your home and will create a cleaner place for you.

A little trick to get the maximum amount of dirt out of your rug is to turn it upside down first and vacuum the back of the rug.

This will loosen the dirt that is stuck down deep in the fibers of the area rug.

One thing to remember when you are vacuuming your area rug is to avoid vacuuming over the edges of your area rug. This will prevent frayed edges and worn fringes.

If you already have some frayed edges, be sure not to vacuum over that area–it will only make the fraying worse.

Be sure to know what material your rug is made out of and know the best way to vacuum and care for that material.

For example, it is best to only use suction on wool area rugs. Using a rotating brush will suck up the little fibers of wool.

If you have a shag rug, turn off the beater bar as well. This will prevent tangling and fraying of the long fibers.

Turning Your Area Rug

If rugs constantly sit in the same position year after year, there will be parts of the rug that show more wear and tear than other parts of the rug.

This is why you need to turn your rugs in Tucson at least once to twice a year.

Turning your area rug will prevent sun damage.

If your rug remains in the same place for a long amount of time, there is a high probability that it will see some type of sun damage.

Area rugs aren’t meant for discoloration; they are meant to create a statement.

How is an area rug supposed to make a statement when it has discolored blotches on it?

Turning your area rug is also important if it is in a high traffic area.

It’s best for the rug to be rotated so that the same places aren’t being walked over constantly.

When the same part of the rug is continually being exposed to footprints, pawprints, and whatever other prints you can think of, your area rug is bound to show some signs of it.

Turn that rug to keep it looking as fresh-looking as you can!

Shaking Your Area Rug

A more archaic form of keeping your area rug in the best condition possible is giving it a shaking.

Shaking or beating your area rug will release a lot of the dirt and particles that are stuck in the fibers.

This will help to get some of that dirt, dust, pollen, dander, etc., out of both sides of the rug and make for easier professional cleaning.

If you are vacuuming your rugs often, you won’t have to shake or beat your wool rugs out as often, but regardless, it is a good thing to do every now and then.

I know. I know. Shaking your rugs out and watching the dirt fly is just what you want to do on a Saturday afternoon!

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning your area rugs as soon as accidents happen will keep your rugs looking fresh and beautiful, not to mention make them last longer.

Blot up any spills or accidents with a clean hand towel. After, you’ll want to spot clean with a natural spot cleaner (not harsh chemicals, soaps, or detergents), such as Zr Water®!

Removing dirt, spots, spills, and stains often, will brighten the rug’s fibers and bring some life and youth back to it!

Tucson Rug Cleaning Services

With regular care, maintenance, and yearly rug cleaning, your area rugs will serve your family and home for as long as you’ll have it! If your rug allows for it, Zerorez® Tucson is here to give you a yearly professional hand!

We use an effective, patented cleaning system, with our harsh-chemical-free Zr Water® to make sure that your area rug will look beautiful again.

While some rugs may be cleaned in the home, others may need to return to our shop for a more delicate clean– this involves a thorough bathing process at our storefront location, which cleans all the way through the rug.

The Zerorez® cleaning system is also platinum rated by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) for maximum soil extraction. We extract up to 95% of the water that we put into your area rugs.

This leaves your rugs cleaner, helps them to dry faster, restores color to your area rugs without color bleeding, and leaves no residue® behind that attracts dirt!

For a cleaning that gets more out, lasts longer, and is performed by professionals that know how to handle your delicate rug, Zerorez® Tucson is the way to go! As experts on rug cleaning, coming to Zerorez® Tucson for Cleaning Advice From The Tucson Rug Cleaning Experts was a good idea, indeed!