Best Time to Steam Clean Carpets

Posted on Jul 9th 2020


Best Time to Steam Clean Carpets

Where does the time go? We’re halfway through the sweltering Tucson summer already and our clients are curious about the Best Time to Steam Clean Carpets.

Great question carpet fellows!

Every season will have its pros and cons when it comes to getting a professional steam cleaning service for your carpets. As a general ‘seasonal’ rule, you’ll want a carpet cleaning before or after the season in which your carpets might see the most traffic. You may even choose to have different areas cleaned at different times of the year.

However, at the end of the day, the best time to get your carpets cleaned is whenever it begins to look or feel dirtier than it has in the past. Let’s talk about the Best Time to Steam Clean Carpets in Tucson, Arizona:

Summer Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Are you wondering if your carpet is due for cleaning this season? With the dry heat and free-flowing dirt here in Tucson, it might just be a spectacular time for cleaning in your business or home.

In our opinion, summer is the perfect time to schedule your home or commercial carpet cleaning. It’s a great way to help you remove everything that has built up during the spring, including dirt, dust, and pollen, to name a few.

Cleaning the carpets after spring can save you some sick days for sure!

Fall Professional Carpet Cleaning

Fall has often been known to be the Best Time to Steam Clean Carpets, for many families. Can you spot the reason why?!

That’s right friends, the bittersweet season in which the kiddos head back to school for the year, giving you a sublime opportunity to clean the house up a bit after a summer full of excitement.

Professionally steam cleaning your carpets-and having them protected afterward-at this time of year can also get your house primed for the extra traffic it’s about to see during the holidays!

Winter Steam Cleaning

Ah the season of family and holidays! What better time to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned?

While some people prefer to have their carpet cleaned before the festivities, so as to make the house immaculate before the guests arrive. Others prefer having the carpets steam cleaned after the traffic and hustle & bustle of the holidays, getting those floors back into tip-top shape.

No matter which way you decide to take it, you’re sure to have a flawless home for the holidays.

Spring Cleaning

I don’t know about you guys, but personally, spring is my favorite holiday. Perfect weather, flowers in colorful bloom, bees buzzing by, and birds chirping, does it get any better than that?

Like me, many people take advantage of the beautiful temperatures by opening the doors and windows, which incidentally lets pollen and dirt into the house.

Carpets act as a secondary filter in your home. Like a fly trap, those carpet fibers will eat up just about everything that lands on them; therefore any contaminants that might find their way into your home will cause the floors to look and feel a bit dirty.

This makes spring a fabulous time for a thorough professional steam cleaning, especially for those with allergies.

Let’s be honest- any time of the year is the Best Time to Steam Clean Carpets. No matter when you choose to have your carpets cleaned in Tucson, making sure it’s done right the first time is the golden key - which is exactly why you can trust the professionals at Zerorez®.

Our residue-free carpet cleaning will leave your floor spotless and protected without leaving behind a sticky chemical residue that can attract dirt back to your carpet, season after season!

Contact us today to schedule your steam cleaning appointment!