Carpet Cleaning in Winter? Here’s Why You Should Consider It

Posted on Feb 1st 2023


Carpet Cleaning in Winter? Here’s Why You Should Consider It

While most households know their carpets need regular professional cleaning, many buy into the myth that carpets should not be professionally cleaned in the winter months. Learn about the reasons behind this myth and discover why carpet cleaning services from Zerorez Tucson can improve your everyday life year–round.

The Myth of Avoiding Carpet Cleaning During Winter

Drying Damp Carpets

However, turning up the heating system in your house is another way to ensure the carpets dry out soon after cleaning. Another way to protect your carpets is to avoid carpet cleaning that leaves behind a soapy residue. This residue, especially when damp, only continues to collect dirt and grime. Zerorez Tucson utilizes a special formula that’s green, safe, and leaves no residue.

Fewer Outdoor Activities

Warmer months are filled with outdoor activities like gardening, sports, and backyard barbecues. With so much time outside, a lot of dirt is tracked onto carpets. In contrast, with winter keeping people inside most of the time, people assume outdoor dirt and bacteria are not an issue.

In reality, even if you’re just walking to your car for work or venturing outside to shovel your sidewalk, carpets need cleaning in the winter just as much as in the summer. Wintertime comes with its own variety of dirt and grime, from the muck in your yard as snow melts to the road ice stuck to your boots. You are likely up against just as much dirt in the winter as you are in the summer, especially if you have pets or small children.

A family building a snowman - Enjoy your favorite outdoor activities this winter while keeping your carpets clean with Zerorez Tucson

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning During Winter

Keep a Healthier Household

During the winter, seasonal colds, cases of flu, and other illnesses affect most households. Being stuck inside all day doesn’t help anyone’s immune system, and being stuck inside with dirty carpets is even worse. A deep, thorough cleaning from the professionals at Zerorez Tucson is a great way to prevent the buildup of bacteria, dirt, and allergens in your home and keep everyone as healthy as possible.

Address Winter Grime

In many areas, winter increases wet, muddy conditions that can last for weeks or even months. Even when you try to keep shoes off your carpets, it’s all too easy for the grime and the muck of the outdoors to find its way into your carpeting. Leaving it to fester until springtime can result in stains, carpet damage, and health issues. The team at Zerorez Tucson can rid your carpets and rugs of winter grime in no time!

Enjoy More Time Indoors

Cold weather means more movie days, more snuggling with the pets, and more crackling fires. Sometimes, that means curling up on the carpet with the whole family and a huge blanket! On other days, you might spread out on the floor for a big card game. Keeping your carpets clean allows you to enjoy every feature of your home more thoroughly.

Mother and daughter laying on freshly cleaned carpet thanks to Zerorez Tucson

Zerorez Tucson uses a special formula safe enough to drink but strong enough to clean the winter dirt and sludge from your carpets. Better yet, Zerorez Tucson cleanings leave no residue behind. Book your appointment today!