Curious About The Zerorez® Pet Odor Treatment?

Posted on Apr 2nd 2020


Curious About The Zerorez® Pet Odor Treatment?

BookYou clean up after your best friend’s accidents, but you and everyone that visits still smell it.

The problem is carpet spotters don’t actually remove the source of the smell. You see the real odors are trapped down here, and that spray bottle of soapy chemicals, well, it only works up here.

But Zerorez® carpet cleaning gets to the source by completely removing the urine in the fibers.

Zero urine means zero odors® and we do it all without the harsh chemicals so it’s safe for you and your pets!

Are You Masking or Eliminating Pet Odor?

Air fresheners, household cleaning products, or scented candles are all great ways to temporarily mask pet odors.

However, all of these masking methods will eventually wear off, which of course, draws the animal back to the accident site over and over again!

*cue sad violin sound*

So how can we fix this problem, before a costly carpet replacement comes about?

To completely eliminate lingering pet odors, you’ll want a cleaning process that is 100% safe for homes and eliminates pet odors from your carpets! That’s where Zerorez® Tucson comes in my friends:

Zerorez® Pet Odor Treatment Experts!

Zerorez® uses a proprietary method for pet odor removal that aims to eliminate the most difficult-to-remove odors from your carpet.

With The Zerorez® Pet Odor Treatment in Phoenix, we use our fabulous Sub-Floor Extractor® and flush those stains with our special stain cleaning water, careful to get all of the oils and solids out.

And we WORK on that stain until the water comes out clean! After which, we apply our ZrOut® water mixture to the area, and allow that to sit for just a few minutes.

Once that has plenty of time to soak right in and do its job, your experienced Zerorez® technician will use the Sub-Floor Extractor® one more time to extract as much remaining product and water as possible!

Then we’ll continue on with a normal cleaning your carpet, and if you choose, we can apply a stain oxidizer after the clean for some extra protection!

Think of this stain solution as a Protectant- it creates a barrier on carpet fibers, allowing you a little more time to clean up spills and accidents in the future.

Pets bring joy, affection, and excitement to a household as they quickly become part of the family. To reduce the pet odors in your home, add a Zerorez® professional carpet cleaning including pet odor removal treatments to your regular maintenance schedule.