Halloween Cleanup Hacks

Posted on Oct 8th 2020


Halloween Cleanup Hacks

It’s finally October guys and ghouls, and it’s time to get spooky!

Halloween cleaning can be a real haunting task - the parties are over, the trick-or-treating gone with the full moon, and now it’s time to tuck away the supernatural decor until next year.

Halloween cleaning doesn’t always have to be a spooky experience. As one of Tucson’s largest floor cleaning service providers, we’ve seen it all… trust us.

Now, let’s pull up those witchy stockings and get down to the cleaning with these Halloween Cleanup Hacks, shall we?

1. Scrambled Egg...stones

Ha ha.. get it… egg stones… gravestones.. We think we’re frightfuklly funny! But seriously though, did those pesky goblins egg your gravestone again?

Take care of scrambled eggs stuck to your gravestone from the top to bottom.

Simply wet the area above the dried-up terror of an egg and let the water leak down and soak the scrambley mess. Add a pinch of fairy dust for luck, wait a few minutes, and then gently hose it off. If that doesn’t do the trick, wash it off by hand with dish soap and warm water, whatever your dead heart desires.

If the egg is devilishly stubborn, you’re going to need some of Zerorez®’s magical Powered Water® potion!

Let it sit for five or ten minutes, and then scrub with a small hedgehog or porcupine- you know, something a little “spikey” lookin’ - then you’re good to go, ya know, get back to your next century of decaying and all that…

2. Toilet Papered Trees

Now it happens to the best of us witches and warlocks, so don’t turn too purple. When those little gremlins and stormtroopers come knocking on your door for free bits of chocolate and taffy, sometimes you have older more pernicious vampires and werewolves toilet papering your spooky trees.

Pull that dusty old witch’s broomstick out of retirement and give the toilet paper a good poke and tug with it. If that doesn’t work, you give one of those new enchanted leaf blowers a shot! If the toilet paper is wet, you have another haunting thing coming for ya…

You’ll want to wait until a full moon to sufficiently dry out your toilet paper…

3. Ghostly Wax Spills

Did your ghostly candelabras spill wax onto the haunted mansion carpets again? Gosh darn it, what will we do with those possessed little things?

Don’t get your cobwebs in a bunch- Zerorez® Tucson has got a solution for you! You’re going to need some new age technology for this ghost story.

Start by placing a hand towel or cloth over the spot of the crime, and press a clothes iron over the spot, working it back and forth just the way you would if you were ironing your favorite vampire cloak.

Once heated thoroughly, place the clothes iron over the towel above the wax spot. We also suggest using a white cloth or towel, as colored ones may transfer the color onto the carpet.

Once the wax is warmed up once again, you’ll want to take a butter knife or pocket knife to scrape the wax off the carpeting. After that, we’ll switch it up with a paper towel.

Lay the paper towel over the carpet-wax and iron over the top of the paper towel. This will allow the wax to melt and easily cling to the paper. Do this a few times over, and the wax should be completely petrified!

This method also works on table cloths, thank goodness right? Though we should warn you- don’t use the iron for more than 30 seconds on the spot at a time, or you risk burning or fraying the carpet fibers! BOO!

4. Mortal Stains

We know sometimes being an ancient monster comes with the occasional “mortal stain” as we like to call it, i.e. dropped face paint or a dash of spilled blood, maybe even a few bowel accidents - because let’s face it, you’re a mere a century or two old.

Not to worry, last but certainly not scariest on our Halloween Cleanup Hacks is how to deal with these mortal stains.

You’ll want to act fast by applying our magic potion Powered Water® and blotting the spot. Don’t rub it in! That’s important!

This will put a small amount of pressure to soak up that mortal stain, as opposed to rubbing. Rubbing will only push the particles further into the carpet and make the spot even more horrifying, by spreading the particles around to other fibers that might not have been touched by the stain.

Blot starting from the outside of the stain and work your way in toward the center, so as to prevent the stain from spreading! That should easy for you- vampires are kind of practiced in the art of patience right?

This tip could mean the difference between life or death… of your carpet… yikes! Always blot, don’t rub- that’s the Zerorez® Tucson lesson of the day, guys and ghouls.

Zerorez® Tucson Halloween Cleanup Hacks save the day!