How To Choose An Area Rug

Posted on May 20th 2021


How To Choose An Area Rug

Area rugs are a very important part of the aesthetic of any home. You’ll want to weigh your options carefully when choosing what rug you want in each part of your home.

Area rugs are provide extra cushion, comfort, and warmth over a hard surfaced floor such as tile or wood. But they also bring forward artistic value to a room’s design.

From color, shape, size, and material, there are so many options to take into account. Deciding which area rug is right for you involves a few noteworthy considerations.

Choosing Area Rug Color

Choosing the color of your area rug is a great place to begin the process of room beautification! The color of your area rug will set the tone for the entire room. This process might seem like an easy part of the process, but this may surprise you.

A good rule of thumb, to begin with, is considering the furniture you already have in said room. You may want to opt for a rug that consists of neutral tones or a single color when considering a room already thriving with different colors and patterns.

If you’re building a room’s aesthetic from the literal floor up, and you don’t quite have any furniture yet, you might consider how different rug colors will work with the tones of the flooring, walls, and ceiling. Or sometimes choosing a different color altogether, then the scheme you might have in the room can do more for the overall aesthetic.

At the end of the day, just think about what effect you want to create in the room when considering color - area rugs can either stand out or blend in.

Choosing Area Rug Sizes

One of the most common decoration mistakes is choosing a rug that’s too small for a room. A good rule of thumb when choosing rug size is the amount of space you leave between the edges of the rug and the walls of the room - about 10 to 20 inches is a good range to shoot for. Depending on the size of the room, you’ll want to adjust the range of between 8 inches and as high as 24 inches.

Regardless of what ratio your rug and room happen to tango in, the most important rule of thumb is ensuring the rug is centered and the distance between the rug and the wall is the same on all four sides.

Rugs can also be used to create a little playfulness in a room. You can also use rugs to define spaces.

You may want to have fun with your area rugs by layering them. Maybe a large jute rug and a boho Turkish rug as the cherry on top? In an open-concept space, you can change the rule rugs all you want!

Choosing The Rug Style

There are as many area rug materials and styles to choose from as there are furniture styles, room styles, or lighting styles. The options never end. Rooms are no longer limited to traditional antique rugs such as Persian, oriental, or ornate rugs.

Alongside these time-honored options are modern and contemporary alternatives, such as bold Turkish rugs, braided or woven rugs, shag rugs, and simple Jutes and coirs.

Think about the atmosphere or vibe you are looking to achieve in your room. Try using Pinterest to look up different styles of rooms and seeing what rugs are commonly used for different styles.

A good rule of thumb for choosing rug material is remembering that an area rug doesn’t need to match everything in a room (that would just be boring), but it should play with the textures and tones of the existing atmosphere.

Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Rugs

First and foremost, knowing what type of rug you have will determine what the best care and cleaning options are for each; both professional and DIY! Read more about cleaning to your area rug type HERE.

Overall though, most rugs will benefit from a regular, basic care routine, in between your deep cleanings. Vacuuming regularly, turning your rugs often so they wear evenly, and shaking/beating the dust and dirt out of them often, is a great place to start for basic rug care.

With regular care, maintenance, and yearly professional Zerorez® rug cleaning, your area rugs will serve your family and home for as long as you’ll have it! We use an effective, patented cleaning system, with our harsh-chemical-free Zr Water® to make sure that your area rug will look beautiful again.

While some rugs may be cleaned in the home, others may need to return to our shop for a more delicate clean - this involves a thorough bathing process at our storefront location, which cleans all the way through the rug.

The Zerorez® cleaning system is platinum rated by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) for maximum soil extraction. We extract up to 95% of the water that we put into your area rugs. This leaves your rugs cleaner, helps them to dry faster, restores color to your area rugs without color bleeding, and leaves no residue® behind that attracts dirt!

For a way to cleaning rugs that gets more dirt and grime out, a clean that lasts longer, and is performed by professionals that know how to handle your delicate rug, Zerorez® Tucson is the way to go!