How To Get Stains Out

Posted on Jun 11th 2020


How To Get Stains Out

Stains are literally the WORST!

Did Jr just spill some juice on the carpet? Maybe Tink had a little accident on the carpet? Or perhaps you and the girls got a bit crazy at Friday Brunch and you spilled some red wine?

Whatever the case may be, you’ve got to act fast my friend!

You may think it’s the end of your carpet, but if you act quickly it may not be as big of a deal as you think! While most of us know a decent way to get stains out of our carpet, most require some type of harsh chemical stain cleaners or removers.

Fun fact: Did you know harsh chemicals and soaps actually leave behind a sticky residue on your carpet?

Ugh, and girl, trust, it is so much harder to get stains out AFTER a sticky residue presence has been made!

So once again, your local Zerorez® Tucson stain cleaning superheroes are here with some great advice on How To Get Stains Out.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Step 1 in Zerorez® Tucson’s How To Get Stains Out is perhaps the easiest part of the process. Though easy, having the right supplies for a spill or stain cleanup job is the most essential part of the process.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A clean white towel or rag
  • A clean microfiber cloth
  • Powered Water®

As we pointed out above, traditional harsh chemical cleaners and stain removers are horrible for your carpet! So you’ll want to go with a safe, non-toxic remedy, that’s just as effective. But does that even exist?!

Why yes, yes it does. You’re going to want to get your hands on a bottle of Zerorez® Tucson’s Powered Water®. We’ll explain why in just a minute, so bare with me here as we move on to part 2 of How To Get Stains Out:

Step 2: The Cleanup

First, you need to lay the clean white towel down over the spill and apply pressure. But wait! Don’t rub or scrub, just put some weight on it and allow the liquid to wick up into the towel.

Once you have gotten as much out as possible grab that Powered Water® and Microfiber cloth we told you about.

Apply the Powered Water® to the area and allow it to dwell for about a minute. Then take that trusty microfiber cloth and dab the spill up working your way from the outside in.

Step 3: Residue-Free Carpet Cleaning

See, it doesn’t usually occur to many homeowners that when they have carpets cleaned professionally, they are often inviting toxic chemicals right into their home! Some of which can have some less-than-delightful effects on your family.

And the more you have your carpets cleaned with these chemicals, the more toxic residue builds up in the fibers of the carpet. Yeah, it might smell great, but that’s how the story is often told with these deceiving chemicals!

Because girl let me tell you, that tempting fragrance is only masking the fact that something poisonous has just infiltrated your living area!

Don’t be fooled by those pretty smells.

After a few sessions of these traditional carpet cleanings, those chemicals will build up a toxic residue in the backing and fibers of your carpet. So what does that mean, other than unclean, crunchy carpet?

It means those commercial shampoos are going to cause some problems in the long run. More often than not, they are stuffed-full of highly toxic substances- ammonium hydroxide and perchloroethylene to name a few- which is a carcinogen known to cause damage to kidneys, liver, and the nervous system.

Now before you get too paranoid- not all carpet cleaners are bad! There are loads of professionals carpet cleaners that use natural carpet cleaning products, which are much safer for you, your family, and the environment, and are just as effective as commercial shampoos.

People all over are switching to Zerorez® Tucson for their carpet and tile cleaning. Instead of using those same soaps and harsh chemicals, Zerorez® uses Powered Water®, which leaves carpets residue-free.

That means your carpets stay cleaner longer, and your family stays healthier longer! Zerorez® Tucson non-toxic and 100% safe for kids and pets!

Next time Jr spills his cup of juice, you have our How To Get Stains Out guide to help you out, plus you know exactly who to look for when you need professional stain cleaning services!

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