Nylon VS Polyester Carpet Cleaning

Posted on Oct 29th 2020


Nylon VS Polyester Carpet Cleaning

Here at Zerorez® Tucson, we like to think of ourselves as experts in the carpet cleaning industry. We love what we do- making your life easier by making your floors beautiful once again- and boy are we good at it too!

Because of this, we only recommend services to our customers that we know will improve the look, feel, and cleanliness of your carpets. We don’t try to oversell you on services and treatments like other carpet cleaning companies may have done to you before!

Therefore, today we want to share with you some of our suggestions for taking care of carpets that are made of polyester or nylon fibers!

It’s more exciting than it sounds, we promise! Especially if you have one of these materials for carpetting in your home! Most likely you do because polyester and nylon are two of the most common materials used to make carpets.

Depending on the situation, a carpet made of polyester will have different cleaning needs than a carpet made with nylon fibers. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty on nylon vs polyester carpet cleaning :

More About Polyester Carpet

Before we chat more about the polyester carpet cleaning process, we’ll need to understand more about polyester carpetting.

The first being that polyester carpets are naturally moisture-resistant.

Second, while it is softer than nylon, polyester is not quite as durable. The classic comfort over practicality issue right?!

Because of this, polyester wears faster than nylon, so certain precautions need to take place in order to care for the fibers.

Luckily, the Zerorez® Tucson process is designed to be hard on dirt but soft on fibers, which is great for polyester carpet cleaning! Our agitation process lifts the grime out of your carpet in a way that won’t damage the fibers.

Should we even talk about our Powered Water®?! Oh yes, we shall, because there are a few benefits specifically for polyester carpets that involve both its unique ability to clean without leaving residue.

No Residue®

It’s as simple as this, friends - if your carpets have No Residue®, they can’t attract as much dirt. Aside from dirt looking a wee bit unattractive, it actually wears down your polyester carpets.

Dirt is usually comprised of a mixture of different dirt particles, including tiny little pebbles and rocks! So every time you walk on your carpet, these little rocks repeatedly get ground into your carpetting, which causes damage to the carpet fibers over time.

Sure, vacuuming helps significantly, but even vacuuming can only do so much without proper professional cleaning.

Unlike traditional carpet cleaning, when Zerorez®’s polyester carpet cleaning process is used, there is no dirt-attracting residue left behind on those polyester fibers.

How is this possible you ask? Let us tell you more about our patented friend, Powered Water®…

Zerorez Powered Water®

The Zerorez® Powered Water® has a lot of benefits regarding your polyester carpets- or all carpets really!

In fact, our Powered Water® allows us to clean Residue Free®. Many traditional carpet cleaners add some type of harsh chemical, soap, or detergent to clean your polyester carpet.

Have you ever noticed that after a traditional polyester carpet cleaning, your carpets are kind of hard and crunchy feeling under those piggies?!

This is because they aren’t able to fully rinse and extract all of that soapy dirt water from your carpets. This in turn causes sticky, dirt-attracting residue from those chemicals and soaps to linger in your carpet fibers and backing.

On the flip side, Powered Water® is just electrolyzed water used to clean your polyester carpet! It allows us to fully rinse your carpets and extract as much of that dirty water as possible, without leaving behind any harsh chemical residues that will invite dirt and pebbles back again and again.

Powered Water® also allows us to use fewer strokes across your carpet than traditional carpet cleaners.

This usually involves pulling a carpet cleaning wand across your carpet fibers multiple times in order to extract as much of that residue water mixture as they can.

This constant brushing against polyester carpets will cause the fibers to wear down faster. But with Zerorez® Tucson we often only have to pull our wand once or twice to get that wonderful residue-free clean you’re looking for.

Let's Talk Nylon Carpets

As we briefly touched on above, Nylon carpets, on the other hand, are quite durable. Also unlike polyester carpet, nylon carpet fibers tend to be really absorbent.

This is awesome for dying those carpets the perfect color to sell, but terrible when faced with pesky stains on nylon carpets. How difficult or easy the stain will be to get out, greatly depends on the color of your carpet and the type of stain culprit.

Not to fret, friends. There is one incredibly powerful thing you can do for your nylon carpet that will keep it protected from stains.

You have probably already guessed what that is! But if you have not- it is using our premium fiber protectant on your nylon carpets!

If one of our fabulous technicians suggests that you apply carpet protectant after your cleaning it may very well be that your carpets are nylon!

There really is nothing better you can do to get a stain out of your carpet - whether it’s nylon or polyester- than protecting it from getting it in the first place.

No need to worry though! We have more tricks up our sleeves for working with those tough nylon carpet stains.

Don’t forget to ask us to give those stains a little TLC when we come out for your Tucson carpet cleaning!

Zerorez® Phoenix Polyester Carpet Cleaning

We are surface cleaning experts here at Zerorez® Tucson and our process is built based on our industry-leading knowledge. We know that whatever your nylon or polyester carpet cleaning needs are, we will have an answer for what to do.

Let’s get those carpets looking great again! Give us a call and talk to our experts today!