Random Acts Of Cleanness™ & Kindness

Posted on May 4th 2020


Random Acts Of Cleanness™ & Kindness

Kindness is contagious! During this time especially, we see an increase in giving, helping others, and random acts of kindness happening in our community every single day.

Zerorez® wants to take part and needs your help to pass clean on to someone else.

We may need to distance ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other, right? If you’re home and looking for things to do to keep busy, we’ve got you covered in today’s blog on random acts of cleanness- and kindness of course!

Make Someone's Day

Oh, this can be done in so many beautiful ways. Through a simple yet endearing compliment, a gift, or an encouraging note.

Just because we can’t hang out with our loved ones every single day, doesn’t mean the kindness stops there, am I right?!

People don’t hear how special they are often enough. This act of kindness exercise is a simple way to appreciate others in a lasting and touching way.

While there can certainly be some negative impacts of the internet and social media, there are some beautiful ones too. The ability to communicate with our loved ones daily, even when they aren’t physically here with us.

Make someone’s day by complimenting them on their social media post, sending them an e-gift, or writing them a heartfelt message.

When you’ve received great service from a local restaurant or retailer, tell the person who helped you, or better yet, tell a manager. Go to the corporate web site and submit an email. Write a positive online review of a business you like.

It makes a world of difference, and in tricky times such as these, keeping these businesses alive and leaving positive feedback is vital for their lifeline.

And, don’t forget to point out those people in your own workplace who do a great job and go above and beyond for others.

Looking for something to compliment a person on each day will make you more aware of and appreciative of the kindness around you. This goes for you as well! Be kind to yourself. Make an effort to jot down 3 to 5 things for which you’re grateful.

Research has shown that this increases happiness by 25%.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3, as they say!

Everyone Loves Food

Well, isn’t that the truest statement you’ve ever heard? Everyone loves food!!

Cooking up a delicious surprise meal or treat for your family, friends, neighbors, or even the homeless shelter, is a great way to display your act of kindness today.

Perhaps it doesn’t even have to be food? Whip up some delicious peach tea to pass out to the neighbors or give to the mail carrier when they drop off your Amazon package.

It also doesn’t have to be a person! Search up a dog-friendly biscuit recipe to make and take to your local shelter or animal rescue. Those dogs will appreciate it more than you could ever imagine. Food can go a long way, and it’s something that, as we’ve blatantly stated, everyone LOVES!

Kindness For The Environment

What better time than now, then to head outside and soak up those sun rays? There is so much to do outside, and so much you and the kiddos can do to help Mother Earth!

It can be as simple as starting a little garden out back, or planting trees or flowers in the yard to achieve that perfect Sunday porch backyard we all picture ourselves growing old in!

Adding more trees, plants, and flowers to the environment proves not only beneficial for Mother Earth, but for humankind as well! Trees make life nicer. It has been shown that spending time among trees and green spaces reduces the amount of stress that we carry around with us in our daily lives.

We could all a bit of that right now, huh?

As we also know, trees improve our air quality and produce oxygen all by their lonesome, which of course, is essential for our well-being!

On the more colorful side of things, planting more flowers not only improves the natural beauty around us (not to mention, lightens up our moods), but much like trees, flowers help to remove pollutants from the air as well. During the process of photosynthesis, the flower’s leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen- nature’s very own air filter.

Planting a new tree or plant in the yard during this time is but a small act of kindness from you, but a huge leap for Mother Earth!

Random Acts Of Cleanness™ With Zerorez® Tucson

Right now when you book an appointment with Zerorez® Tucson you are able to nominate someone to get a free carpet cleaning. We want to give others the joy of a clean home with a whole house carpet cleaning on us. We are giving a free cleaning to one person per day in a Random Act Of Cleanness™.

Let’s keep this simple. Here is what we’re doing and how you can participate:

  • Provide the name and phone number of someone you would like to nominate when you schedule by phone, or by placing their information in the notes when scheduling online.
  • The following morning we will choose one person nominated by the previous day’s customers to receive all the carpet in their home Zerorezified® for FREE.
  • That person will have 24 hours to schedule their cleaning. If they don’t respond, or turn down the cleaning, we will choose another name from the same group of names.

That’s it! Check back HERE to see a list of who received a Random Act Of Cleanness™ daily!

We may need to distance ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other, right? Remember today’s blog on random acts of cleanness- and kindness of course- during this boring and tricky time!