Summer Carpet Cleaning

Posted on Jul 17th 2020


Summer Carpet Cleaning

It’s Zerorez®’s National Carpet Cleaning Month! You know what that means, don’t you?

Summer Is Right After Spring

You might be thinking, “Yeah, so?”. This is common knowledge right? Well, this is important because Spring, while beautiful and sunny, is a dusty- pollen-ridden season. All of which settles nicely into your home and your carpet.

While we bask in the great weather and good vibes with the windows open in the springtime, we’re also inviting all of the airborne particles flying around.

Thus, once Spring has officially come to a close, Summer carpet cleaning should become your best friend! Removing those particles of dust, pollen (and more) as soon as possible, will save you from allergies and sniffles later on in the year.

Not to mention, clean carpets show off your house in its finest moment, just in time for the summer gatherings.

Summer Carpet Cleaning Prices

Perhaps the most important reason of all to have your carpets cleaned in July is for the sweet Summer Carpet Cleaning prices of course!

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to what something is going to cost, so our goal is to make sure you have the most accurate quote before we arrive at your home.

A carpeted room is defined as installed, wall-to-wall carpeting no larger than 250 sqft- you can expect $42 per carpeted room! In addition, we have a $14 environmental fee on every appointment, and a service minimum of $94 for most areas of Tucson.

So what does a Zerorez® Tucson carpet cleaning consist of?


We start by pre-treating your carpet with Powered Water® to help break up dirts, oils, and other residues.

Gently Scrubbing

Our zrlifter™ is a counter-rotating brush machine which helps lift the pile of your carpet and further break up dirts and oils allowing for a more thorough cleaning.


Using our Powered Water® and zrwand®, we extract dirt and oils from your carpet. As your carpets dry all we leave is clean™.

You can read more about our summer carpet cleaning prices here.

Summer Gatherings

Summer seems to be a notorious time of the year for gatherings; therefore, it makes for one the best times of year to have those carpets spic n’ span!

The kiddos are out of school for the summer, the pool is calling our names, and bbq cookouts are in full swing. From before Memorial Day until beyond Labor Day, Tucson-area residents have plenty of opportunities for grilling in the backyard.

With parties and more foot traffic, comes more accidents, spills, and more shoes to track dirt inside the house. Get those carpets cleaned this July and protect your carpets for the rest of the year- we can do this for you in one of two ways:

Protectant- $30 per Room

We recommend reapplying the manufacturer’s carpet protectant. Protectant helps to protect against wear and provides more time to clean up spills. Hallways and staircases are considered rooms when it comes to pricing protectant.

Microseal- $90 per room

The ultimate in fiber protection! Microseal is a permanent penetrating protector that never needs to be reapplied. Learn more here.

Summer Carpet Cleaning in July

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year in Tucson homes. While the hot season means there are many fun activities both indoors and out in the backyard, your home is likely to take a beating from the extra traffic, leaving your carpet, rugs, and furnishings in need of some refreshment.

Remember, it’s Zerorez®’s National Carpet Cleaning Month. Make sure to book your summer carpet cleaning before July is over, Zerorezify® your carpets for only $42 per room!