The Best Green Cleaning Solution For Your Home

Posted on Jul 14th 2021


The Best Green Cleaning Solution For Your Home

The green movement has been around for several years now, and one of the things we hear as carpet cleaners here in Tucson is that green doesn't work. We beg to differ!

The Zerorez® Tucson process was green long before green was cool, and has maintained its position as the leader in green cleaning technology. We are often told, in fact, that our process works better than all other carpet cleaners here in the Tucson area. While we know it is true, it’s nice to hear that coming from our customers.

Our process works– so we can have clean, healthy homes, and still be environmentally friendly, too. Let’s talk about the Zerorez® Tucson cleaning process, a suitable green cleaning solution for your home, and how you can implement some green cleaning in your home in between your Zerorez® visits!

Zerorez® Was Cleaning Green Before Cleaning Green Was Cool!

That’s right, you heard it here first! Given that Zerorez® was the cleaning green, long before cleaning green became popular, that practically makes us experts right?

Choosing Zerorez® means choosing a green cleaning without the use of soaps, detergents, shampoos, or harsh chemicals to clean and eliminate those carpet stains and odors!

Instead, we use a revolutionary, non-toxic water-based cleaning agent as its carpet cleaner, called Zr Water®. Zr Water® cleans better than soap without leaving a sticky residue behind.

It is no secret – Zr Water® is our key to non-toxic success!

We’ll be the first to tell you, we swear by our Zr Water® cleaning process and once you have a Zerorez® Tucson cleaning, you will too. That’s a promise!

In fact, we are the only AZ carpet cleaners who can use Zr Water®– a patented Zerorez® technology-enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins or chemicals.

In other words, we are simply cleaning your carpets, tile, couches, and rugs with earth’s natural cleanser- WATER! Our Zr Water® is applied with a low-pressure spray that not only loosens embedded dirt and cleans the material but simultaneously helps to prevent stains and soiling, by not leaving behind sticky residue!

Then, of course, it is extracted with a powerful airflow wand. The Zr Wand™ that is used recaptures two times the amount of water than that of other cleaning company’s tools!

This is unlike traditional cleaners, whose technology may not always be able to achieve the same amount of water removal, therefore leaving behind quite a bit of their soapy water residue behind for your tile, carpet, rugs, or upholstery to soak up.

Now that we’ve covered what Zerorez® can you do for your home, let’s talk about a few easy green cleaning changes you can make in your home.

Green Cleaning Tip #1- Biodegradable Trash Bags

Most people don’t even know these existed! Biodegradable bags have become our best friend and they should become yours too in no time. Riddle us this: why put biodegradable substances in non-biodegradable plastic bags?!

Of course, not every brand you’ll try will be the best. If you are putting wet food and substances directly into the bag, they will inevitably biodegrade the bottom of the bag, as its namesake suggests it will. Yes, that means the bag will break and your garbage will fall out of the bottom.

Trust us on this.

After trying quite a few brands, we ended up sticking with Biobag, as it turns out to be much sturdier and stronger than others you might find. Here are a few tricks we’ve learned to make sure my biodegradable bags last longer in the actual trash can. Perhaps some of these go without saying, but here we go:

Drain your food/substances in the sink before throwing them away (i.e. when it comes to clenaing out the fridge and throwing away leftovers away, be sure to drain the liquids and toss the solids)

Don’t put wet foods at the bottom of your bag. If you can, try to get some other solid items in there first, like non-recyclable food packaging or styrofoam, hair and dust bunnies from the vacuum, used napkins or paper towels, etc., and then place your wet foods on top of those.

It’s Cliche, But Don’t Forget To Recycle

It’s a good rule of thumb to have 2 bins for disposal; one for trash and one for recycling. The best part about the recycle bin is that you don’t need to use a bag– plastic, biodegradable, or otherwise. You just throw those items right into the bin, saving the use of a bag no matter what kind you choose.

If you must use a bag for your recycle bin, we suggest using plastic for that one– because that’s recyclable, and a biodegradable one is not.

You can also use biodegradable bags for other random uses such as smaller bathroom trash cans throughout the house– this brand also makes smaller sizes than the one shared above. These smaller-sized bags can also act as storage bags for dry food or otherwise, just tie the top in a knot and it’ll stay secure (as long as it’s not something wet inside!). However, this brand also makes biodegradable Ziploc baggies for that purpose as well.

Scooping Fluffy’s litter box? Again, why not put biodegradable substances in a biodegradable bag? Picking up after Spike on a walk? Make sure you grab a BioBag for your poop-pickup needs!

Green Cleaning Tip #2- Reusable Products To The Rescue!

This green cleaning tip is pretty straightforward, but here are a few single-use items that you could consider replacing with reusable items:

Water bottles and coffee tumblers. We bring our water bottles everywhere with us, making sure to always fill them before leaving the house. If you’re intending on grabbing some morning coffee on the way to the daily grind, be sure to bring a coffee tumbler along.

Skip the straw in the restaurant. It’s an easy change to keep a reusable straw in your purse or backpack (or the wife’s purse, if you’re a gentleman). You can also do this with cutlery– say no to the plastic cutlery and keep a reusable set in your bag or a pair of chopsticks!

Skip the plastic bags at the grocery store. Keep a pile of reusable bags chilling in the trunk of the car; just grab a couple of those babies, and you’re on your way. Or simply skip the bag if you’re just purchasing a few small items and carry the items out with receipt in hand.

Reusable sandwich or gallon bags– you can find some really great silicone ones on or use the biodegradable Biobags suggested above.

Opt for sustainable phone cases or accessories and skip the plastic ones. Plastic phone accessories are huge culprits in the single-use plastic problem. Find yourself a phone case made out of recycled paper, apple peels, food, or other recycled products. They’re all over Amazon!

Green Cleaning Tip #3- Keep a Bottle of Zr Water® Handy

While cleaners and detergents seem to be the answer to everything, it isn’t considered “green cleaning”. So how can clean all the areas in your home efficiently, while helping the environment? We suggest giving our patented Zr Water® solution a try!

Zr Water® is non-toxic, making it an easy green cleaning solution to use around food, kids, pets, and the like! Not to mention, it leaves your floors and surfaces Residue Free®.

In fact, we suggest keeping a bottle of our Zr Water® handy as your everyday cleaning solution. This fabulous green cleaning solution will be your lifesaver for any accidents and messes that might appear at any given moment.

Zr Water® can be used as a regular green cleaning solution for your countertops/tables, bathroom cleaning, floor mopping, and even for stain cleaning. Combine our Zr Water® with some paper towels and it’s practically the quickest picker-upper on the planet right now (besides your dog). No more releasing greenhouse gases and chemicals into the air or onto the surfaces into your home when you have Zr Water® handy.

Come get yourself a bottle at our Zerorez® Tucson location this month while supplies last!