The Cause Of Crunchy Carpet

Posted on Jun 22nd 2018


The Cause Of Crunchy Carpet

So here’s the deal with crunchy carpets… Most of your common carpet cleaning companies use soaps, shampoos, or some sort of chemical cleaning detergent, mixed with pressure and hot water right? Then the cleaning solution is supposed to penetrate the carpet fibers ALL the way down to the backing of your carpet. Then the dirt and grime are drawn out of the carpet fibers with the suction device?

Well let us tell you something- while most of the wet soil and cleaning solution is pulled out of those deep dark carpet fibers, most of those soaps and detergents stay there… Forever. But then the water evaporates, and the carpet dries… So then what?

Those pesky soaps and chemicals are now left in a lonely, carpet abyss forever. And voilà- CRUNCHY CARPET.

If that crunchy carpet explainer doesn’t tickle your fancy, let’s get more visual shall we? Imagine for a minute, if you will, the process of how you wash your hair in the shower. It’s just another ordinary day. You get home for work, eat some dinner, maybe watch a little Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the clock is ticking ever so closely to your bedtime.

So you decide to hop in the shower before you catch your Z’s for the night- you get your hair wet, then apply your shampoo, and finish up the rest of your rubber-ducky tasks- but Uh-Oh! You forgot to wash out that shampoo from your hair.

But you know what?

You are just too tired to get back in the shower and rinse it out. So as you dry your hair, you can hear the shampoo bubbles crackling in protest beneath your towel.

And then what happens the next day? You wake up. And your hair feels like a day old french fry- greasy, crunchy, and maybe a little sticky… Just like your poor carpets when you shampoo them!

So What Can You Do About Your Crunchy Carpet?

So now we’re sitting here with some day-old-french-fry-looking-carpet. Not only is it now crunchy and has a bit of a residue left behind, but now it’s basically a magnet to dirt and grime. That residue is going to attract and capture all the dirt and grime you bring inside, like a cartoon character floating along to a pie that’s cooling on a windowsill. So how do you fix this?

Getting it wet and shampooed all over again won’t solve anything. Might even make it a little bit crunchier?

Even some experienced carpet technicians attempt to use rinsing methods, and a pinch of elbow grease, to extract those residual cleaning solutions from deep within the carpet abyss. We do not recommend this technique.

The reality is, carpet shampoo and other traditional cleaning agents are not easy to remove! Unfortunately, a heavy rinse attempt will only bring more trouble your way, such as saturation of the carpet and the underlying pad.

The fact is, a saturated carpet and pad will take several days to dry entirely. And that alone is just no bueno my friend. Slowly drying carpets will not only cause carpet structure damage, but it can also cause mold and mildew to grow in your carpet pads. Essentially, your carpet is going to smell like that towel you used to dry your hair earlier. Theoretically of course, IF you hadn’t washed it in a couple weeks…Or possibly like that familiar smell of an extremely overused dish sponge? Woo-wee…

It is also very possible, that if you have children or pets that are constantly making contact with your carpet, the left over residue can irritate skin with rashes or itching. You might even inhale or ingest some of the residue, which can cause breathing concerns and sickness.

Who knew shampooing your carpets could be such a disaster? Well, not to brag, but we knew that… That’s why we use Powered Water®. No more playing around with old sponge smelling, crunchy carpet!

Zerorez® Can Resolve Your Carpet Cleaning Issues Near You In Tucson

We strongly recommend using our Powered Water® carpet cleaning. There’s a reason why we’re the most popular carpet cleaners around! Our patent pending cleaning process leaves no soaps or detergents behind. In fact, we don’t use those typical traditional, very boring cleaners- Powered Water® is simply soft water that has been zapped with electricity. It’s safe enough to drink, yet powerful enough to clean.

Our Powered Water® is enhanced and electrolyzed to create a very powerful, yet safe non-toxic cleaning solution. This patented technology is exclusive to Zerorez®.

Zerorez® is short for “Zero Residue®.” That means no more crunchy carpet caused by lingering residue.

Finally! Now you may be asking- how is water supposed to clean my carpets though?

Well, we apply the Powered Water® to the carpet fibers using a very high-pressured spray. This loosens that pesky dirt, as well as ruffles the feathers of those pathogens and bacterias chillin’ beneath the surface.

Then, using our powerful suction wand, we remove every last bit of dirt and grime- kicking out those creepy pathogens and bacterias that made your carpet their home (wahh, wahh, wahh).

This will leave just a little schmidge of extraction water on your carpet’s surface, which will dry unbelievably quick, without any residue, and minus the crunch!

Water is already the source of life anyways right? It’s the source of life for your carpet too- no more crunch beneath your little piggies! Bring it back to life with Zerorez®. Experience the soft, fluffy feel your carpets (and feet) have always deserved.

Zerorez® Tucson Makes a Difference.

  • Your carpets will stay cleaner longer
  • All spots are far less likely to reappear
  • Your carpet will dry faster
  • Your home will not be exposed to chemicals!
  • Our technicians are highly trained professionals
  • We know your carpet is a big investment and we will take care of it!