Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2021

Posted on Aug 9th 2021


Top 10 Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2021

Remodeling your kitchen is no small undertaking. But doing so can mean more than just enjoying a new style that you love; it can also help to make your kitchen more functional.

If you're thinking about taking on a kitchen remodel project, keep reading to learn a few of the top trends for 2021 that you need to know.

1. Natural Touches

Bright white, modern kitchens have been a staple in new and remodeled homes for years now. But while that trend remains a popular choice, a new trend is slowly taking hold that contrasts sharply with this minimalist design. Natural touches, like wood floors, cabinets, and granite countertops that showcase the grain or rattan shades on pendant lights, are a great way to soften the kitchen space and make it more inviting.

The great thing about this trend is that you don't have to jump in with both feet in order to embrace it. A few simple natural touches can brighten an otherwise simple and modern kitchen and can be easily swapped out later on if this trend doesn't age well.

2. Smart Appliances

Smart home devices are having a major moment. We can now use Alexa to order groceries, adjust the temperature of our bedrooms while on our morning commute, and even do a guided workout with the help of a smart mirror. So it should come as no surprise that smart kitchen appliances are also in demand.

Smart ovens function much like other smart home appliances in that they can sync to a smartphone, allowing homeowners to control the temperature of their oven from anywhere in the home. Another popular smart kitchen device is the touchless faucet. Whether you're in the middle of prepping messy ingredients or maybe enjoying craft sessions with your kids at the kitchen table, these faucets allow you to simply run your hand under them and get a steady stream of water automatically. Some smart faucets even feature voice commands that you can use to tell them to fill the dog's water bowl or a specific size of the cup.

If you're going to invest in the convenience of a smart faucet during your remodel, why not go the extra mile and finally move your sink to the perfect location in your kitchen? You might be surprised to see just how much more functional your kitchen can be by changing the layout.

3. Extra Shortage

Take a stroll through the kitchen section of any home goods store, and you'll quickly realize that there's a small kitchen appliance, dish, tray, or other accessories for every dish and ingredient. All of those fancy tools and stylish plates are great for honing your cooking skills or hosting a dinner party. But when it comes to storing them, homeowners need more storage in their kitchens than ever before.

Extra storage is a popular demand during kitchen remodels. Whether it's cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling or hidden pantries, there's no shortage of ideas for increasing your space in your kitchen.

4. Oversized Islands

You might not be able to increase the size of your kitchen during your remodel. But you can give yourself more counter space with the addition of an island. Oversized islands are a popular choice in kitchens today. In addition to added space for prepping meals, these islands can also double as a spot to eat, work, or hang out with friends.

Perhaps the most durable, strongest, and easily maintained of all the materials to choose for your countertops and islands could be Granite. Granite is not only a beautiful, natural touch for your kitchen remodel, but you also have the benefit of a scratch and heat-resistant countertop.

Granite is an igneous rock meaning it is an original-it has not yet been broken down, and re-created. It has been naturally created by mother earth, from molten hot magma, polished and straight to your kitchen island. Durable, strong, natural, and simply magnificent. We'll talk more about granite maintenance and Granite Cleaning in Tucson below, so don't go far!

5. Decorative Range Hoods

Range hoods do serve a functional purpose in the kitchen. But today's range hoods do that while also adding a healthy dose of style to the space.

Decorative range hoods, and especially those in metal tones like copper or stainless steel, are a popular choice in modern kitchens. These add style and can leave any kitchen looking polished and ready for a professional chef-or perhaps your home's official grilled cheese-maker!

6. Floating Shelves

This next trend actually contrasts with another one on this list. But while floating shelves don't offer as much storage as traditional cabinets, they are still a popular style choice today. And if you use them on a wall that would otherwise not offer any storage, they can actually increase your space while also elevating your kitchen's design.

Floating shelves are often thick, minimalist shelves. They may be metal or feature a wood finish. Homeowners can decorate them with seasonal decor, flowers, or other items, or use them to store dishes, small kitchen appliances, or even food. These can be tricky to style; add too much, and your shelves will be left looking crowded and messy.

7. Warm Colors

Dramatic, warm colors are proving popular in 2021. While white, blue, and green were some of the top picks for kitchens in years past, today, warmer tones are taking over. Browns, reds, and oranges are suited for kitchens with a modern or more natural look. Pantone's Colors of the Year are a shade of bright yellow and a modern gray, both of which would be a great choice for a kitchen.

8. Statement Lights

While range hoods are only available in so many styles, and homeowners may be limited in what they can choose, lights are far easier to customize in a kitchen space. Pendant lights, small chandeliers, and other kitchen lights are easy to customize to fit your unique tastes and style. Perhaps that's why statement lights are such a popular addition to kitchens today.

9. Handless Drawers

Statement knobs and pulls were once one way that homeowners could customize their kitchens. But today, handless drawers are becoming more popular. These usually feature a hidden spot that makes it easy to open and close your drawers, yet is subtle enough to blend with the design.

10. Bringing the Outdoors In

Going hand in hand with the move towards more naturally styled kitchens is the trend of bringing the outdoors in. Often, this happens in the form of plenty of leafy green houseplants. Perched in windowsills or cascading from the top of cabinets, this trend can not only brighten your kitchen but can brighten your mood as well!

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