Upholstery and Your Health

Posted on May 7th 2020


Upholstery and Your Health

The furniture in your home often defines the vibe that your home gives off to you, your family, and anyone else who comes to visit! So what does your furniture say about your home?

Is it bringing out feelings of warmth and comfort, especially after a long day? Does it whisper to you in elegance and poise with just the right touch of complacency? Is it charming, while simultaneously exuding the aura of practical?

But what about all the dirt, dust, and debris your upholstery holds?

Come on Sally, let’s not pretend like we don’t know how much grime might be in those pretty little couches huh? That’ll change the vibe in your home, for sure!

Over time, your upholstery has the tendency to act as a breeding ground for a wide range of not-so-appealing bacteria, leading to all sorts of allergies and sickness’.

Without a professional upholstery cleaning, your favorite place of relaxation and exultation is most likely teeming with all sorts of pernicious germs!

Bah! Did anyone else get a cold chill?!

Common Bacteria Found On Upholstery In The Home

1.Staphylococcus Bacteria: This strand of bacteria leads to a whole terrifying plethora of health issues including cellulitis (skin infections), pneumonia, or even stomach pains. We’re much too busy with life to deal with any of that nonsense.

2.Pseudomonas: Bacteria found in the Pseudomonas family is often the most dangerous, as it can grow in a variety of different environments, including your upholstery. Common illnesses’ associated with these nasty buggers are skin irritation, eye infections, headaches, fevers, and ear infections.

3.Aspergillus Versicolor: This form of mold gives off a “musky” odor and is known to cause eye, nose, and throat irritations. In more severe cases, fungal infections may occur and are not as easily treatable. Mold in this form is also most commonly found indoors. Ah!! Time to run!

Now we’re not professing to be doctors or experts on the subject of health (or lack thereof for that matter), but we are experts on the cleaning process than can help keep your home healthier!

Luckily, Zerorez® has the perfect solution for a healthier home and we’re sure you’ve already guessed it. As if you didn’t already know, you smarty pants!

That’s right, it’s our Patented Powered Water™!

Powered Water™ is simply just electrolyzed water that is non-toxic and safe for the whole family. It doesn’t use harsh soaps, chemicals, or detergents and cleans deep below the surface to remove stubborn spills and stains!

Our Powered Water™ is also a safe upholstery cleaning solution for your finest fibers and hardiest synthetics. So whether you’ve had the occasional and predictable human slip-up or an accidental furry friend stain, we’ve got you covered.

Handling Upholstery Stains

You see, most upholstery stains are caused by acid dyes found in foods, markers, urine or other unsavory fluids.

These penetrate the fibers and can become permanent. Zerorez® Tucson technicians, however, have a very effective upholstery cleaning process for confronting these challenges!

Whether your sofa is only two years old or twenty-five years young, you can never go wrong with getting it cleaned!

But how? Lets head back to the drawing board shall we? A.K.A the manufacturer tag on the back of your beloved furniture.

More likely than not, you’ll come to the conclusion that your upholstery was made of polyester, which is completely and utterly safe to clean with water and a natural home cleaner.

However, if the tag mentions cotton, be mindful during this cleaning process, as cotton can shrink and turn brown if it gets too wet. But more than anything, beware the “S,” which stands for “Solvent Clean Only.”

If you see that, your only safe course of action is to call the manufacturer and follow their instructions. Better safe than sorry, eh?

If it’s polyester, or if it has no tag, then worry not, because you have your faithful Zerorez® technicians of Tucson to help you solve that mystery and discover your next upholstery cleaning steps.

If there’s no tag, the technician will do a test clean to make sure everything will go smoothly, and if so, then clean it will be!

Upholstery Cleaning The Zerorez® Way

See, the Zerorez® upholstery cleaning process is transparent and very effective.

To leave you with Nothing but Clean™, we apply our Patented Powered Water™ to your upholstery via a low-pressure spray. This loosens all that embedded dirt and debris while simultaneously removing it from your furniture. Once the process is complete, you can expect to find Zero Residue™.

Unlike traditional cleaning services, our process doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue from soaps or detergents, plus hey, your upholstery dries much quicker, letting you resume your bing watching much sooner!

With the time you saved choosing Zerorez® Tucson, you may even want to consider our additional protectant. It’s used specifically for upholstery and is a great soil and stain reducer.

Should we even mention the best part? For your future endeavors, it acts as a barrier against potentially menacing germs and bacteria, protecting your home without those hair-raising harsh chemicals or detergents!

It’s the perfect seal to freshly cleaned furniture and ensures your investment stays cleaner, longer.

Did anyone else get chills, AGAIN?! Zerorez® Tucson is just that good I guess…

This summer, make time to detoxify and rejuvenate your home with a Zerorez® upholstery cleaning. Your upholstery is probably not the first place you’d consider cleaning, which easily makes it the most important area to clean this summer.

Your upholstery is actually the second-largest filter in your home (the first being your carpet)! Kind of creepy to think about huh?

So that means yes, believe it or not, your upholstery can actually spread germs and toxins around your home! Yep, totally gross.

So let Zerorez® Tucson help you keep your home in good health and get rid of unwanted germs and toxins. If it’s time to clean, it’s time to call Zerorez® Tucson.