Upholstery Cleaner In Tucson, AZ: 4 Upholstery Upkeep Tips

Posted on Aug 20th 2020


Upholstery Cleaner In Tucson, AZ: 4 Upholstery Upkeep Tips

If you’re like most people, cleaning upholstered furniture is an afterthought; but every professional upholstery cleaner in Tucson, AZ will be the first to tell you that taking care of upholstered furniture should really be at the top of your list of housecleaning chores!

Strange huh? So why is it so important?

Well, as you well know, furniture is expensive, so keeping it from wearing out prematurely should be a priority. Furniture is made to last!

Don’t you remember that grandma still has that same couch in her living room as she did when you were still in diapers? Don’t we all want to keep our upholstered couches and chairs as long as grandma did? I know I do…

Your furniture’s fabric and cushions can harbor a number of allergens and bacteria that can make the whole family feel icky. So what can you do about it?

Hiring a professional upholstery cleaner in Tucson, AZ to clean your furniture periodically is a step in the right direction; but you should take the time to keep your furniture in good condition in between cleanings. Luckily, we took the liberty of putting together 4 Upholstery Upkeep Tips to make this easier for you!

1. The Fluff and Flip

If your furniture has soft cushions or pillows, it might be time for the classic fluff and flip!

Fluff those cushions and pillows as you do with your bed pillows. Every few days will be a great refresher for the shape and loft of the filling material.

Maybe you’ll even make it part of your evening routine so that you don’t wake up to a sofa or chair that already has a rear end-shaped dent in it. Even though it is kind of funny to think about…

And whether your cushions are soft or firm, be sure to flip them over from time to time as well.

If you have a couch that has three cushions, we can all probably agree that the center cushion is sat on significantly less than the side cushions. Be sure to not only flip these cushions but to rotate them as well, just as you should regularly do with your mattress.

Fluffing, flipping, and rotating furniture cushions and pillows will practically double your furniture’s lifespan. Think of dear ol’ granny’s pristine condition furniture, and envision that future for your furniture!

2. Vacuuming Regularly

That brings up to our next point- when fluffing and flipping, plan to vacuum those cushions and pillows too.

Think about the amount of dust that settles on your bookshelves and entertainment centers. It only makes sense that the same thing would happen to your upholstered furniture.

Just because you can’t see it on fabric, doesn’t mean it’s not there! Many of us don’t realize that the same amount of dust settles onto and into our upholstered furniture. You might even think that constantly sitting on these items would cause the dust to puff-off upon sitting, or just not have a chance to settle because of its regular usage.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy my friend.

Dust and dirt act like sandpaper on your furniture, grinding into and chafing the material causing it to deteriorate faster.

Regularly vacuuming upholstered furniture, including all sides of cushions and pillows, can remove most of the dirt that gets into the fabric. Plus, it will also give you the opportunity to find all of those things you’ve lost between the cushions. Maybe even a couple of extra dollars and change, eh?

3. Act Quickly

When you see a spot or stain on your furniture, it’s important to act quickly, removing it using a damp cloth or one dipped in some fo our Powered Water®! You know this is what grandma would do…

Another quick tip- make sure that the cloth you use is lighter colored, or the same color as your upholstery to avoid transferring color dyes.

We can also apply a stain protectant to your upholstery after Zerorez® professional cleaning to help prevent future spills and stains. This will be especially helpful if you have pets or small children!

4. Get Professional Help

As you now know, upholstery collects just as much dust as other furniture, but when combined with the oils and dead skin that come from our bodies, you are creating a soil that can’t be removed with simple vacuuming.

That’s where Zerorez® comes in!

Regular, professional cleaning by an upholstery cleaning company you trust can remove those tougher stains and pesky germs that even your routine vacuuming and spot removal can’t get rid of.

Your best choice is - ahem- a professional who uses non-toxic, green cleaning solutions that are safe for every member of your family, and that won’t leave residue on your fabrics. Topping off a great green-clean with an upholstery protectant will ensure that the couches and chairs stay Cleaner Longer™.

Does Zerorez® Tucson ring a bell?!

To get the help of the best upholstery cleaner in Tucson, AZ, call us at Zerorez® at (520) 441-2441; but first, visit us online to find out more about the services we provide and about our patented cleaning technology!