Why Regular Rug Cleaning Matters

Posted on Jun 4th 2020


Why Regular Rug Cleaning Matters

Keeping your home or office rugs clean is so much more important than you might think. When you attempt to clean your own office rugs or you only have them professionally cleaned every now and then when they start to look a little rough, you’re bound to end up with a variety of problems, my friend.

Dirty rugs and carpeting in the office environment can lead to more employee sick days, lower employee morale and customers, or even potential customers leaving with a bad taste in their mouths about your business.

So let’s avoid these problems in 2020, and give your customers only the best of the best- because that’s what your business is!

To do this, you’re going to need the best rug cleaning available in Tucson- aka Zerorez®- to maintain your business’ flooring! We’re the best at what we do and we want to show you Why Regular Rug Cleaning Matters to your business!

Easier Regular Maintenance

Rugs often get overlooked in the cleaning process. Vacuuming is great and all, but when was the last time you had your rug professionally cleaned?

Most business’ answers are never!

Rugs that are regularly cleaned will have significantly less soil and grime build-up. And honey, once that dirt and grime has been ground-up and smushed into your rug fibers, its much harder to remove!

If this mess isn’t removed on a regular basis, it will mean you’ll need to use some elbow-grease to spot clean your rugs much more often. This is also directly connected to how long your rug can potentially last, which brings us to our point:

Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

Too much daily maintenance, cleaner or harsh chemical use on your rug, and excessive scrubbing/vacuuming can easily wear out the fibers of your rug, causing them to fray, causing them to look a bit worn and rundown.

Regular vacuuming and professionally cleaning of the office rugs will remove dirt and debris that can wear the rug fibers out faster.

Therefore, if you clean your rugs regularly, and aren’t too harsh on the poor thing, you can avoid the expense of replacing it before it’s absolutely necessary!

Prevent The Buildup Of Allergens & Bacteria In Your Rug

Right alongside dirt and soil build-up comes bacteria and allergens that like to attach themselves to your office rugs. This is the same bacteria that has the potential to make you and your employees sick.

It’s important to keep your rugs and carpets clean in the office, so that you can keep your productivity up, and keep the sick-day numbers down!

Allergens also build up in your rug, having the potential to trigger severe allergy and asthma attacks, which means your employees may take more sick days.

And as we know, this means less productivity and less moola for the business my friend!

Your Business Will Look Cleaner & More Appealing

Another rug cleaning, plus productivity for your business! Your office floors are one of the first things people notice in your business; and grungy-looking rugs will deter customers and discourage your employees.

No one wants to work in or do business with a company that doesn’t take pride in how it looks and how clean it is, am I right?!

So, if nothing else, have your rugs and floors cleaned simply for this reason- a clean, beautiful office is a successful one!

Better Air Quality

Rugs and carpets act as an additional air filter in your homes and offices! Not only do they trap indoor air pollutants, but they also release them into the air when the carpets are walked on.

No matter what kind of rug or carpeting you have, you will inevitably have this problem- it simply comes with the territory.

But there’s no need to worry! Regular vacuuming and rug cleaning with Zerorez® Tucson will remove these pollutants from the rugs so you don’t have to think twice about them (which cuts down on those allergy problems we spoke of earlier).

Keep Your Rugs Stain-Free

Office floors see a bit of a brutal lifetime, let’s be honest. Your employees and customers drink coffee or have their lunches in your business! Therefore, it is unavoidable that your rugs will likely be stained one day.

Ugh, such a drag, we know.

With regular rug cleaning, those spots will be removed before your headache can even reveal itself at the back of your head!

Rug Cleaning in Tucson AZ: Your Area Rug Experts

As you know by now, Zerorez® Tucson provides more than just the best carpet cleaning in Tucson AZ. We also offer a plethora of other great, non-toxic cleaning services, which includes the cleaning of your beloved Area and Oriental rugs!

Our specialized rug cleaning process is a 6 step technique we use to restore color back to your rugs. From initial inspection and dust removal to washing and rinsing, we don’t miss a beat when caring for your rugs and other carpets.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to settle for grungy or worn-down rugs. Zerorez® can bring them back to life and remind you why you fell in love with that rug, to begin with.

Contact us today to get not only the best rug cleaning in Tucson AZ but also the best area and oriental rug cleaning.