3 Ways Zerorez® Tucson Carpet Cleaning is Different

Posted on Jul 21st 2020


3 Ways Zerorez® Tucson Carpet Cleaning is Different

Why Is Zerorez® Tucson Carpet Cleaning So Much Better?

And why is this pudding so good? Seriously, I should eat more pudding…

Zerorez® Tucson is better because it doesn’t leave behind dirt-attracting residue. Sure, when you use other cleaners, at first the carpets may look and smell great. But they do not taste great…

Or so I’ve heard… from somebody else…

Zerorez® Is Different

We don’t use soap or harsh chemicals and we clean your carpet better than both. So you get all the good without the bad!

It’s like eating as much pudding as you want but without the calories.

That would be amazing.

With Zerorez® Tucson, the carpet actually is cleaner and it stays cleaner longer.

Don’t believe us- just ask science.

Independent lab tests show that other carpet cleaners leave behind over 200% more residue than Zerorez® does. In technical terms, those other guys leave behind a whole lot of crap.

So how does Zerorez® Tucson Carpet Cleaning get so much out? Easy.

Zerorez® is the BEST at removing dirt and grime- in just three ways!

1. The ZrLifter™

First, unlike most cleaners, Zerorez® uses counter-rotating brushes to loosen all the deeply embedded dirt that’s stuck in the carpet fibers.

This is the stuff your vacuum can’t reach. Zerorez® Tucson brings more gunk to the light of day then a paternity test on a soap opera! Uh oh…

2. Completely Rinsed With The ZrWand™

Next Zerorez® uses a patented wand that’s designed to completely rinse the carpet fibers without ever flooding the padding. The other guys leave behind 200% more water; no wonder it takes so long to dry!

But with Zerorez® your carpet dries in no time. So you can get back into that room and start talking to yourself alone, like a normal person.

3. The Power of Powered Water®

Finally, instead of soap or harsh chemicals, Zerorez® Tucson uses it’s Powered Water®; water that’s been electrolyzed, giving it the power to attract and dissolve dirt and oils, just like soap, although without leaving behind any sticky residue.

No more recurring stains, no more crunchy carpet. We leave it so fresh.

So if you love living in a clean home, not in a soppy bacteria-ridden pad of your own filth.

Or you could call the other guys who use chemicals with warnings like, “Causes severe skin burns and eye damage”, or “Keep out of reach of children”.

Well, it’s a good thing children can’t reach the floor…?

Zerorez® on the other hand is kid and pet-friendly! We employ the latest green technology, which means it’s completely safe for the environment and your kids. Which is good because they eat a lot of stuff off the floor. Like all the time.

If you haven’t cleaned with Zerorez® Tucson, your carpets have never really been cleaned.

Be sure to schedule an appointment today. Remember the name Zerorez®. It’s actually a palindrome: spelled the same, forwards and backward!