Got a Dirty Car? How Zerorez®’s Car Upholstery Cleaning Service Can Help

Posted on Mar 17th 2020


Got a Dirty Car? How Zerorez®’s Car Upholstery Cleaning Service Can Help

Between your daily work commute, taking kids to school and traveling to sports, family events or social activities, you probably logging in quite a few miles driving on Tucson highways and byways, am I right?

We simply get busy and the reality is that car care sometimes falls on the backburner.

Trust us, we totally understand. To freshen up your car’s interior, hiring professional Car Upholstery Cleaners every now and then severely help the state of your car- i.e. deep cleaning your car’s upholstery (a part of the car that often gets overlooked) and removing carpet stains.

Here’s How Zerorez®’s Car Upholstery Cleaning Service Can Help:

How Dirty Is Your Car?

We make sure we wash the outside it every now and then, maybe give the seats and carpets a good vacuuming, right?

But what of our precious vehicles?

We spend our lives trying so hard to protect ourselves from germs. We clean the kitchen and bathroom on a regular basis, wash our hands before we eat and avoid touching grotesque-looking things.

Most of us go our whole lives not really knowing how dirty our cars actually are.

So let us do you the courtesy of telling you exactly how dirty our cars can be…

According to a study from Aston University in Birmingham, the average vehicle has approximately 283 different types of bacteria in every square centimeter.


Another study done by SellCar recently, reveals that car interiors are 2,144% filthier than smartphones, and 55% dirtier than keyboards!

Most of us tend to “live” in our cars - doing everything from eating to finishing makeup - and that means touching hands to face more often than you might think. Not to mention, ALL of us use our cars even when we’re sick, almost never wash our hands when getting in or out of the car.

Think about that for a second…

According to another recent swab test study conducted by CloroxPro, the #1 germiest spot (measured by bacteria, yeast, and mold) in the car is the floor mat on the driver’s side.

Now, we like to think that sure, we don’t really touch floor mats with our hands anyways right? Don’t forget the times where you dropped your keys, phone, or chapstick down there and had to pick it back up, now covered in those nasty germs.

And let’s not forget that if the floormat is the dirtiest place in the car, that means all of that is being brought in, and taken out through your shoes, right?

The same shoes we walk all over Target and Walmart in, pick up a sandwich from Subway in, visit the doctor’s office in, and then get in the car and step into our houses with!

Yes, those shoes! Gross right?!

Benefits of a Professional Car Cleaning

As we all know, it’s not hard to fall behind on your car care sometimes, so a professional car cleaning can quickly erase years of dirt and grime from your interior!

Fortunately, Zerorez® Tucson is an expert bacteria slayer. With Powered Water®, professional-grade equipment, and high-tech extractors, our awesome technicians will leave your car’s upholstery with an unparalleled clean.

Our high tech Zerorez® equipment removes allergens, germs, and dirt from your vehicle’s carpets and upholstery, leaving them in fresh, clean, like-new condition, without leaving a soapy residue.

Do You Have A Regular Car Care Routine?

In an effort to make cleaning your car a regular practice, you should establish a weekly or bi-monthly car care routine. It can’t hurt right?!

Set aside time every week to simply rid your car of any trash and extra items that don’t belong in there- clothing items, kid’s toys, etc.!

If you find yourself with some extra time, be sure to remove the floor mats, if possible, and shake them out before vacuuming. A small hand vac or a shop vac can be used to remove dust and soil from the carpets.

It’s also good to keep paper towels or sanitizing wipes in your car. They’ll come in handy whenever there might be spills to wipe up, or germs to clean from the steering wheel!

If you do spill liquids on your car upholstery or floor mats, make sure to blot those spots immediately to avoid permanent discoloration!

Keeping your auto interior as clean as possible enhances your enjoyment of your favorite ride. To kick start the process, call Zerorez® today and request a professional Car Upholstery Cleaning Service.