Worried your carpets may be suffering from the negative effects of residue? Let’s answer these 2 questions to find out for sure!

1. Do your carpets have a crunchy feeling after they have been cleaned? 

No Residue® carpet cleaning means no chemicals are left behind– therefore, stains are far less likely to re-appear after a Zerorez® Tucson carpet cleaning.

After a traditional professional cleaning (by which we mean, not a Zerorez® cleaning) those chemicals/soaps dry into your carpet causing that sticky residue beneath your feet.

By sticky we mean gummy, adhesive, gluey…

All those words have the same thing in common- they allow things to bind together. To “stick” together, right? And what happens to sticky things after they dry? They get a bit crunchy, don’t they?

Your carpets are much the same.

Therefore, all the previous stains of soil, wine, juice, pet urine, and whatever else may be in there, are stuck in there. As they remain there, they continue to collect more dirt, grime, dust, dead skin cells, hair, and animal dander.

With Zerorez® Tucson comes No Residue® carpet cleaning!

There’s no use for harsh chemicals and soaps– so you won’t have to worry about stains sticking around, or recollecting more grime when you use Zerorez®! We wash it once, and it’s gone, taking its sticky Residue with it!

2. Are you noticing dark spots on the carpet where you recently cleaned up a spill? 

Maybe it seemed like you were able to completely clean the spot in the moment? I mean you can’t see the stain anymore so you must’ve gotten it just in time right?!

Two weeks later, you notice the spot is there. Maybe it looks just a shade darker than the rest of the carpet? Why oh why?! And also HOW?!

First ask yourself, what did you clean the spill up with? Did you use a cleaner of some sort? An over the counter stain remover? This could be one of the reasons why you can see this spot coming back.

Now technically speaking, it’s not actually the stain coming back. It’s a new spot that was created due to incomplete/incorrect spot cleaning.

We just covered one of the reasons a spot can come back (chemical residue right?). That’s what is happening in this situation as well. Residue can get left behind on your carpets from your own products, not just from a traditional carpet cleaning.

Residue is left behind using ANY chemical, cleaner, detergent, soap, etc..

However, some other reasons spots come back after carpet cleaning have to do with the natural layering of carpet and “the wicking effect”:

  1. The residue left behind from spot cleaning causes new soil to stick, an issue in high-traffic areas.
  2. Carpet has a great ability to hide soil. Its layered construction and installation don’t help. If a liquid spill is large enough it can go all the way through your carpet into the padding underneath and even onto your subfloor. This type of spill will be a gift that keeps on giving, my friend.
  3. Incomplete removal of a spill can show back up due to the wicking effect. Say you use a fair amount of spot cleaner to clean up your spill and finish by blotting up the tips of the carpet fiber. Now the remaining liquid will carry some of the spills back up to the carpet surface due to capillary action, i.e. that annoying wicking effect we spoke of.

No Residue Carpet Cleaning

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you, my friend, have a RESIDUE problem! That icky, chemical stiffness hanging around on your carpet fibers is doing more than just hurting the soles of your feet – it’s attracting dirt and oils making your carpet dirty again in no time!

Let’s end the cycle of residue together! When your carpet needs some love call Zerorez®, because all we leave is clean™. 

What can you do about residue left behind from other cleaning companies?

Not to worry. This is something Zerorez® Tucson has loads of experience with!

Soap left behind by other cleaners, or from over the counter spot cleaners pose a different problem than soils and contaminants in the carpet. Water will typically reactivate the soaps left behind creating a foam that is hard to remove.

The good news is that Zerorez® never introduces new soaps and detergents when they clean. This means over time (as long as no more soap is added by someone else) Zerorez® will remove the soap left behind by others.

Phew! *wipes sweat from forehead*

If you clean once a year, it may take a couple of years to accomplish this, but you will notice each time that your carpet stays cleaner longer. Please help by not adding more soap to your carpet, together we can change the world (and your floors!).