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4.9 - Local Ratings

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Patty Feld

Patty Feld


Art was great from beginning to end. And he did a great job!!!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Angelica Kibler

Angelica Kibler


We have used Zerorez several times in the past and have always been satisfied, but this time our techs (John F and Samuel S) went above and beyond. They discovered issues with our carpets I was unaware of, and worked with me to find the best solution while still staying within my budget. My floors are much cleaner now, and I’ll be continuing to use Zerorez in the future!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Martina Plaster

Martina Plaster


Tony called ahead of time to inform me he was on his way. He was courteous and professional. The carpets hadn’t been cleaned in a while. They were very dirty in the high-traffic areas. After he was finished, the carpets looked very good. I definitely would recommend Zerorez for carpet cleaning. Scheduling the appointment online was very easy and it was followed up with a phone call the next day confirming the appointment. Pricing was listed on the website and there were no surprises when it came time to pay.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By John Fiore

John Fiore


Brandon was our service tech. Very Professional. My wife and I are 100% satisfied customers. Had an 8 year old stain( spilled cosmetics) that no one could remove. This is where Brandon started. 20 minutes later, gone! Unbelievable!! He did the whole house with excellent results. Thank you ZEROREZ! Thank you Brandon.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Katie Reeves

Katie Reeves


We use their housecleaning service, the crew it great, friendly, professional and reliable…always do a great job!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By mrnickscala



Great service start to finish! Jessica from the office was very responsive and communicated well throughout the whole process. Manny did a great job cleaning the shower and bathroom tile. He was upfront and honest from the start. Very friendly as well. I would definitely use zerorez again.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Matthew Maley

Matthew Maley


Great fast service for a great price

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Angela Santa Cruz

Angela Santa Cruz


This is probably the first time that I have experienced model customer service from a carpet cleaning business. In the past, other companies have been rushed, unfriendly and I never quite felt happy with the way the carpet looked. The technician was knowledgeable and took the time to answer questions and explain my concerns. He started off doing a section (high traffic area) and before he proceeded asked what I thought about the results, which made me feel as if they cared about the outcome. This company by far exceeded my expectations!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jack Manning

Jack Manning


Elijah was professional can in let me know what needed to be done,and got the the job done will recommend to friends and family

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Beverly Nixon

Beverly Nixon


The service was amazing. The technician stayed until I was completely satisfied with the results. I love that my carpet was damp but walkable before he left. I have dogs and he worked very hard to ensure my floors were pet hair and stain free. WONDERFUL SERVICE, GREAT PRODUCTS AND A FANTASTIC COMPANY!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Lynda Martone

Lynda Martone


Elias did a great job cleaning our tile and grout. Very satisfied

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By barb ara

barb ara


Excellent service!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Marina Marra

Marina Marra


Quick and efficient.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Scott Cramer

Scott Cramer


Manny was professional and the carpet is clean.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Laurie Taetle

Laurie Taetle


I am amazed at all the positive reviews this company has gotten. And now I understand why. I haven't gone with a cleaning service in years but after our first day I am sold.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Sandy Mehl

Sandy Mehl


Noah did a great job on my carpets. He explained everything about the process and how it was different from other types of cleaning. I will be using them again.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Rick Hoover

Rick Hoover


They cleaned our tile floors and 3 area rugs. They did an excellent job. They were timely, explained the bill, explained why they do what they do, and cleaned up after themselves. Excellent experience. We’ll use them again.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Harold Bertschinger Jr

Harold Bertschinger Jr


Car upholstery

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Nicole Day

Nicole Day


"Jay-Z" was extremely polite and friendly and got the job done quickly. He even went the extra mile to teach my kids what all of his carpet cleaning tools were for. Wonderful job cleaning our living room carpets, they look fantastic!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Scott Miller

Scott Miller


David was very courteous and very thorough. He text me about a half hour before he got here so I didn’t have to sit at home for the two hour window, much appreciated. Carpets look new!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Susan Edwards

Susan Edwards


Very professional! Jazeric was wonderful. He did a great job, on time, had me check the work to make sure I was happy and a pure joy to talk to! I will continue to use them every time!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Laffs Comedy Caffe

Laffs Comedy Caffe


These guys are the best and they always do a great job

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Honest Answers

Honest Answers


I had all of my carpet cleaned and then I decided to do all of the tile floors stripping cleaning and cleaning the grout and sealing it. Yes it was a good deal of money but well worth it. I don't remember my technician's name but he was very nice courteous and helpful.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By EricTheRed



Very polite and energetic service, my sofa feels great

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Erin Tyo

Erin Tyo


What a great company! I was hesitant to have my wool rugs cleaned in general due to risking the coloring fading - but Manuel came out and spent so much time testing the fabric and ensuring the product would work great to clean the rugs and leave the color richer than before. He was absolutely right. The rugs I had cleaned look better than when I bought them in the store. Highly knowledgeable, very professional and incredibly great to work, Manuel was able to get the rugs looking better than ever. Highly recommend this company, best in Tucson.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jena Anaya

Jena Anaya


Very detailed and knowledgeable - straightforward and no hidden fees- great service!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Peggy Gay

Peggy Gay


Very professional, called ahead of arrival, did a thorough job and the result is great. I highly recommend Zerorez.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Theresa Kramer

Theresa Kramer


Excellent customer service, Brandon my tech was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. This was my first time using Zerorez and intend to use again in the future for not only for my carpets as their menu of services is extensive. Carpets came out beautiful.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Cindy Shaffer

Cindy Shaffer


Courtney and Dora did a great job! They were thorough and professional and they made my in-laws home look and smell like new! Thank you!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By CLAUDIA GUYMON



Very pleased that technician is explained everything to us before starting. He did an excellent job and the stains in our carpet appear to be gone. We would request him again

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Rebecca Precup

Rebecca Precup


Fantastic service, explained cleaning operations thoroughly, carpets are VERY clean!! Will use ZeroRez again!!!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Frank Georgia

Frank Georgia


A great job. Really explained everything and made sure it was completely clean. Thanks zerorez

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Rita Pauly

Rita Pauly


Brandon and Sam Manuel were so friendly and did an awesome job! Carpet looks great!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jill Alverson

Jill Alverson


They did an excellent job of cleaning our old tile floors. Brought the grout back to original color.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Priscilla Buran

Priscilla Buran


Very professional, did an excellent job, I would highly recommend Elijah on another job.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Isaac Salas

Isaac Salas


David did a phenomenal job on my tile/grout cleaning... very professional and attentive

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Wendy Gomez

Wendy Gomez


My ceramic tile floors and carpets were cleaned. They did an excellent job and I’m very pleased with the service and results!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Thomas Wacker

Thomas Wacker


Great job on the carpets. Much better than the cleaners that we had used previously.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Terry Patrick

Terry Patrick


Excellent service on time and excellent job done!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Paula Sullivan

Paula Sullivan


Tech was very considerate as carpet had some pet stains from a sick pet. I just spent 3 mo in hospital and needed my home cleaned up. He even took some bird dropping off my front window for me as I can’t go outside. Good product, good service.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By jd klaf

jd klaf


We are repeat customers. They are very easy to do business with and they are highly professional.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Denise S

Denise S


We had our tile and grout cleaned today by Brandon. He provided the very best customer service. He was very professional and knowledgeable and did a great job overall. Our floors look fantastic! Would highly recommend this business.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Lorraine Gracia

Lorraine Gracia


You always do a phenomenal job! Brandon was very professional!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Michaelle Martinez

Michaelle Martinez


The technicians were very knowledgeable and professional. We had a lot of pet stains from a previous owner and have had the carpets cleaned several times before but they have never been able to get the stains out like Zerorez did.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Steve E

Steve E


I'll admit - I was a TOTAL skeptic. "Powered Water"? Yeah, right. Well, they came to my house, cleaned the tile and carpet for a pretty fair price, worked! I have no idea how or why - and I really don't care. Wife's happy, and so am I. Will definitely use before the in-laws come for Christmas...

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Danny Ayala

Danny Ayala


I was very pleased with Brandon and Manuel the techs. They explained the cleaning very detailed. Both techs were very friendly and respectful and did an amazing job cleaning our carpet.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Betsy Martin

Betsy Martin


We had a large sectional cleaned and scotch guarded. It took quite some time because the work was so thorough. We are pleased.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Erin Kardel

Erin Kardel


Anthony was who came to clean my carpets he was super quick explained everything and was in and out...he did a great job and was very friendly!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Kenneth Hustad

Kenneth Hustad


Joshua and David did a good job cleaning the carpet in our vacation rental. They informed us when they were enroute and arrived on time. They explained their process and the charges before starting work. They took care to protect our door jambs from their equipment. I’m happy with the results and will use Zerorez again.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Julie Gregory

Julie Gregory


Carpets looks great!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Patty B

Patty B


The technicians who cleaned our carpets were so great, kind and respectful! They checked in with me throughout the house to make sure I was happy with the way things were looking. They were even happy to go back over a spot that I knew had a really old stain. It was a pleasure to have them in my house. Great experience.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Remy Sawyer

Remy Sawyer


I like that chemicals aren't used to clean the surfaces, and so you don't smell anything after the cleaning! Easy to schedule....technician was nice and helpful, and the floors are a big improvement.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By LeRoy Olson

LeRoy Olson


Agent was on time, friendly and answered any questions that we had.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Marcey W

Marcey W


ZeroRez called to let me know when they were on there way and showed up promptly for the appointment. They were very professional and courteous. I had quite a few pet stains and they weee able to take care of them. They made sure that the carpets were done to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend this company.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Nikki McCollum

Nikki McCollum


Wonderful job. Very courteous and professional

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By David Stopani

David Stopani


Great job Carpet looks like new

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Ann Catlanotto

Ann Catlanotto


Great Job!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By AC Dettra

AC Dettra


Aiden was on time/early.. Did a great job and let me know when he was finished.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Tracy Wilson

Tracy Wilson


They did a GREAT job! The carpets look wonderful. They were on time, friendly, polite & quick. Perfect!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By peter longo

peter longo


Amazing work. Fresh, clean, I love the smell of the after work- clean scent. Nothing harsh!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jennifer Barner

Jennifer Barner


Timely and very friendly experience! My technician was helpful in offering best options and did an amazing job! I highly recommend Zerorez!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Melanie Clark

Melanie Clark


They were on time, and very thorough. I prefer the Zerorez process. No soap (which just attracts more dirt afterwards).

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Terry Lake

Terry Lake


Tony was very informative, respectful, thorough and easy to talk to. I enjoyed him very much. He worked very hard, I will use this company again plus tell anyone who is looking for this service.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Karey-Ann Kelley

Karey-Ann Kelley


Was excellent service… showed up late however. They brought new life to my grout and I am super happy with the results they provided. Will definitely use again…

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Heather Waddle

Heather Waddle


Brandon and David were great, got the awful Berber carpet looking and smelling fresh.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Pamela Kraus

Pamela Kraus


Art was fantastic! He was professional, friendly and personable! Zerorez did a great job on my carpets; I like that there was no stiffness or crunchy carpet after it dried. If you need your carpets cleaned, look no further than Zerorez, and ask for Art to clean your carpets!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jennifer Frunzi

Jennifer Frunzi


This was our 3rd time having Zerorez come out to clean our carpets and they have always done an amazing job! The carpets look brand new. And the customer service is always top notch! I highly recommend them!!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Tina Bommarito

Tina Bommarito


John was my technician that came to my parents house to clean the carpets and a chair. He was amazing! Not only was he compassionate and kind in our situation, but he worked very hard to provide the best results possible. The results were better than I expected and because of my experience with John I would use Zerorez again as well as highly recommend them to friends and family! Thank you

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Maggie Slayne

Maggie Slayne


Aidan did a great job!!! Very professional and a very thorough job. He was such a nice guy and very knowledgeable.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Robin Ellis

Robin Ellis


Awesome job. Thank you.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Dwight Connely

Dwight Connely


On time. Explained process. Educated me about stain temoval

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Vee Dubya

Vee Dubya


The consistently do a fine job cleaning our carpets.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Sharon Plaisted

Sharon Plaisted


Technicians were thorough and Professional and did a great job on an older carpet in a rental home we own. We will certainly use them again.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By S Treiber

S Treiber


ZeroRez Tucson does an exceptional job cleaning carpets. They color test area rugs before cleaning to make sure they are color fast. All the way around the experience was good, they cleaned everything carefully and I am a happy customer. I highly recommend them.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Gina Morrissey Wells

Gina Morrissey Wells


John was fantastic! He called ahead, arrived early and did a wonderful job assessing and cleaning. He taught us important things, He was professional and a kind and energetic person. Zero Rez was absolutely worth it and we’re happy to go into the new year clean and fresh.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Brandi Stottern

Brandi Stottern


John was amazing! He arrived on time and was purposeful with his time in our home. Not only was he kind and courteous but he worked hard and was very personable. We will use Zerorez again.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Deborah Steffen

Deborah Steffen


Good communication from service man. He was helpful and did a great job.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Melody Hafley

Melody Hafley


Excellent service. Beautiful job. Professional. I would highly recommend. Tony was exceptional.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Mike Young

Mike Young


The tech did an amazing job.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Gaylon Rettammel

Gaylon Rettammel


Good communication and arrived on time as scheduled. Professional and careful technicians completed the job quickly.