What Is Zr Water?

I like the fact that you use zr water, and don’t have the crunchy soap residue. Also the quick drying time. The technician was very nice and did a good job explaining what he was going to do and also about the equipment in the process. 

Sharon C.

The carpet cleaning industry has been cleaning the same way for decades. They use soaps or harsh chemicals to loosen dirt and soil from the carpet fibers and then try and extract it all out. The problem with that is that you can never get it ALL out! So you are left with a soapy residue that acts as a dirt magnet, causing your carpet to get dirtier faster.

At Zerorez® we don’t use soap or harsh chemicals. Instead, we use electrolyzed oxidized water – or Zr Water® – which is even more powerful than soap, yet safe enough to drink.

If you want to see how Zr Water® is made skip to 34 seconds in the video above 👆


We had a great experience with your company. When it came time to get our carpets cleaned we asked around for a recommendation, but everyone we talked to said that their carpets were dirtier after getting a “professional” cleaning. So we continued to spot treat any mishaps and invested in an expensive high powered vacuum to care for our carpets. We did this for 12 plus years until hearing an ad on the radio for Zerorez. The descriptions given about the process used intrigued me and I finally felt comfortable with trusting someone to clean the carpets the right way. I was not disappointed. 200 degree water and the powered water process were just the right recipe to clean our carpets beautifully. Even one room where our puppy had some accidents is now visibly clean! I highly recommend Zerorez, they are THE BEST at what they do.
Susan S.

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